Story Time, iOS Style

Vine gives users a way to share short videos and Instagram allows users a way to share photos. What if you could combine these two applications to share a unique visual story? Find out what those stories would look like with Steller, a free iOS application available in the App Store.

Easily create visual stories in minutes using the videos and photos stored on your iOS devices. Steller gives users many different layout options to choose from to create something unique. I signed up using my Twitter account for iOS Etc so my account information was imported automatically. In no time I was navigating around the application getting some ideas for my first visual story. Check out the “Discover” option to find new stories to read and new people to follow.


Steller is well worth your time to create something to share with friends and followers, but it could use a few modifications. I’m not able to modify my profile information within Steller after signing up with my Twitteraccount. The information I share on Steller will be different from Twitter. Therefore, I would like the ability to sign-in with Twitter but given the option to edit my Steller profile information and photo. A little more flexibility on user accounts would be fantastic. Lastly, I haven’t been able to find a function that allows me to search for other users (Update: now you can search for Facebook and Twitter friends or send invites to friends via text or email).  As Steller gains popularity, I will try and seek out others I am following on other social media accounts. If I can’t search for them within the application and I’m unable to find links to theirSteller account, how will I find them?


Overall, Steller has the potential to be a great social media application. Millions of people enjoy using Vineand Instagram to share their photos and videos, so why not develop an application that allows us to do both? Steller could fill those shoes, but I believe a few modifications are will be vital to its success.


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