Storage Wars: The Video Game Strikes Back

Storage space is at a premium these days on my iOS devices. The first iPad I purchased, I grabbed the smallest amount of storage space (16 GB). The two subsequent iPads I purchased, I went for the 32 GB models. I must say, I’m much happier with the storage space I have available now on my iPad mini. If you didn’t get a chance to read my previous post, Storage Wars: A iPhone Hope, you may wanna check it out too so you can view the first two techniques I explain to reclaim storage space. Today I will introduce two more techniques on reclaiming storage space on your iOS devices. Make sure to check back here on iOS Etc for more news, reviews, and information. Follow me on Twitter @iOSAppCritic. There’s only one more episode of Storage Wars though.


  1. If you have a lot of music stored on your iOS device, you might want to subscribe to iTunes Match. The cost to use this service is $24.99 a year and you’ll be able to access your music from anywhere. Well, as long as you’re connected to the internet. You are able to reclaim all the storage space your songs take up by using the cloud to access your music. What you’re doing is accessing the highest quality music from iTunes, in the cloud, instead of storing it on your device. If you’re not going to be around an internet connection for a bit, like during a flight, make playlists or download favorite artists or songs to your device before you leave. When you get back, simply remove them to reclaim your storage space. Another option you have if you remove your music from your device is to take advantage of music services like Pandora, SoundCloud, Spotify, or Rdio, just to name a few. These services are free for basic accounts, but in most cases you’ll have to hear advertisements. Using these music services will use your cellular data if you’re not on WiFi. So, there are some disadvantages or sacrifices to be made.  
  2. Are you a gamer or have unused apps? Make sure you remove the games you’ve completed from your device. You may not know it, but some of your favorite games may be taking up more space than you’d like. Once you conquer that game you’ve been working on, decide whether or not you wanna keep it on your device to take up precious real estate. Refer to Storage Wars: A iPhone Hope to find out how to decipher how much space a certain application is taking up. Another practice you should implement is deleting those unused applications. I used to always get a lot of those “free” or “light” apps that I’d use for a week or two and move them to the last screen where they would go to die. Eventually I went through and started deleting them to free up some space. In most cases, they’re not going to free up much space, but if you have a lot of them, the space adds up quickly. Taking a moment to delete games and unused apps will free up space quickly on your iOS devices.


It’s so easy to lose track of how much storage space you have on your iOS devices. Taking a few minutes to clear things out will allow you to never miss that video or picture you wanted to get but you were unable due to lack of available storage space. I learned the hard way a few times by running out of space when I wanted to get more pictures, but I was a glutenous storage addict and missed out. It’s embarrassing having to always ask your friends, “Can you forward that to me?”

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