Storage Wars: An iPhone Hope

I know the Star Wars reference may seem a bit cheesy, but sometimes it feels like you must be an expert or possess the ability to perform Jedi mind tricks to control your iOS devices. When your battling storage, any little bit of training or information will help though, so learn from my pitfalls. Recently I discovered I couldn’t just settle for the lowest storage amount for my next iPhone. Either I’m saving way too much or files are just getting bigger. I want to say it’s a combination of both since I don’t want to admit I’m completely at fault here. It wasn’t until I tried to take a video and my iPhone informed me I was running out of storage that I knew I had a problem. So what should you do when you are facing the same problem? Here are some things I did to clear out a bit of space.


  1. First and foremost, go through your pictures and videos to delete some of those pictures you know you’re never gonna use. Also, you could import all of them to your computer, then select to delete them all after importing. Now, go through all of them and delete the ones you don’t want and re-sync those you want on your iPhone. This is a sure way to free up some much needed space. It may take a while, but just remember, you were the one taking all those selfies, so now it’s time to pay for your decisions with some of your time deleting them, while shaking your head at yourself. After importing and deleting photos off my iPhone, I saved myself 1.3 GB of storage. It did take me a while to then go through all of them on my MacBook, but it was much faster to go through them on my laptop than it would’ve been doing it on the iPhone.
  2. If you’re like me, you use the heck out of text messaging. What I once thought was a feature that would never catch on has become my Achilles’ heal in everyday life. I never really realized just how much I used text messaging till I went into settings to checkout how I was using all of my storage space. To see how your storage space is being used by applications and such, just go to Settings > General > Usage and scroll down to see all the space being taken up. This is where I discovered I was using 2.3 GB of storage space on text messages alone. From here, I went back and started deleting non-essential text messaging conversations I had previously had with my contacts. Check it out, you may be surprised at what you find in this area of your settings.


Each time we upgrade our iPhones we have to make a choice. Do you upgrade the storage or just stay with what you’ve got. I have gone through 4 iPhones now and I’ve always decided to go with the lowest option. I think this might’ve been the last iPhone upgrade I will be able to get away with going for the lowest storage capacity. I’ve simply started storing too much stuff on my iOS devices and the applications are starting to take up more space. Hopefully I can go another 4 upgrades with the middle of the road storage option, but something tells me my glutinous ways of storing stuff have just begun.

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