Stop Pinching & Zooming With Safari Reader [Just A Tip]

If you use your iPhone or iPad to catch up on all the awesome stuff going on here at iOS Etc., you probably do a lot of pinching and zooming to read some articles. Those of you using Safari can enable a function to make your reading experience a lot easier and cleaner. Just a simple tap and the sidebars disappear and a more centralized focus is placed on important photos and words.

If you haven’t noticed the four parallel lines in the address bar before while using Safari, you’ll definitely notice it now and start using it more often once discover how Safari Reader presents content. In order to enjoy this feature, the sites you visit must be compatible with this feature. If you don’t observe the four parallel lines in the address bar, this particular site is not Safari Reader compatible.

Once one a compatible site, simply tap the icon with four parallel bars to enable Safari Reader and only relevant words and photos will be displayed for you to read more cleanly. This is such a great way to focus on the content of an article and not distract yourself with unnecessary images or ads.

If you’re currently reading this page on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, you can try it now since iOS Etc. is compatible with Safari Reader.

Generally speaking, I use this function quite a bit on my iPhone since the available space you have to view content on the iPhone is very limited. When I’m on the go and want to read something quickly, it’s imperative that I’m not distracted by clickable images and ads. When I use Safari Reader, I’m able to avoid pinching and zooming which sometimes leads to an unwanted click and the opening of an unnecessary page.

If time is of the essence or you simply have a hard time reading the smaller screen, you should really start using this feature on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Even with the release of the larger iPhone 6, I still feel this will be a very valuable feature for a lot of iOS users.

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