Stop Accidentally Deleting Emails On iOS 8 [Just A Tip]

iOS 8 brought quite a few new features to our beloved iOS devices. Although I can’t say I’m pleased with everything iOS 8 offers up, there are quite a few changes I really enjoy. One specific feature I was on the fence about was the swipe options for mail. Although I like the feature, I found myself unintentionally deleting emails when using this new feature. After a couple of times searching through my deleted emails to rescue a much needed email, I adjusted a setting that now helps me avoid this annoying pitfall.

If you’re like me, you’ve inadvertently deleted emails you were actually trying to flag or mark as read/unread. Depending upon which feature you use more in your email, flag or mark as read/unread, it might be a good idea to adjust this setting to avoid deleting those emails you actually need to keep.

For example, you open a new email and it’s something you don’t want to forget or you need it for a later date. You might want to flag it or mark it as unread, depending on your own personal preference. When you swipe too far left, it deletes the email, which can be problematic. Now you must remember which specific email address this message was sent to in order to rescue it from the trash. If you have numerous email accounts setup on your iOS device it can take some time finding it.

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A way to avoid this situation is by adjusting a few settings. Once in settings select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” and scroll down till you can select “Swipe Options”. From here you can decide how you want to setup the Swipe Left feature. When you swipe left too far you’ll delete the email, so if you’re the type of user who needs to flag an email more so than marking it as unread/read, you might want to put this swipe feature on the Swipe Right side. If you’re more like me, you’re going to want to put the Mark as Read on the Swipe Right side and put the Flag option on the Swipe Left side. This will help you avoid situations where you’re trying to execute a swipe feature only to delete the email instead.

I deleted quite a few emails before I finally decided to investigate changing this feature. Thankfully you can adjust this feature to better serve your needs. I tried to simply adjust my swipe habits, which were apparently drastically to swipe happy to the left, but that just didn’t work. Since making this adjustment in each of my iOS devices settings, I haven’t had any further issues.

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