Stare At The MacBook Air Retina [Rumors]

Sources at DigiTimes claim an updated MacBook Air is on its way and it will come equipped with a Retina display. As the demand for higher resolution screens rises, it only seemed logical the MacBook Air would eventually fall in line with other Retina display MacBooks. Reports say the Retina model will be available around the second half of 2014. I’ve already predicted Apple will have an impressive 2014 so this report wasn’t entirely shocking – more like expected progression.

However, I will be interested in the release date. Although there are rumors suggesting the iPad Pro has been shelved, I don’t believe this to be entirely true. The MacBook Air will most likely be released before the iPad Pro, but I wonder how many of those looking to upgrade will actually pull the trigger right away. The MacBook Air and iPad offer great mobility, so it may come down to how close the iPad Pro can match the MacBook Air in functionality. 

When Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPad in 2010, he mentioned we were entering the “Post-PC era.” He continued saying smartphones and tablets would eventually overtake the PC. Although we haven’t realized this yet, huge strides have been made to improve functionality for tablets and smartphones. Not all tasks are easily completed on our iOS devices, so we reach for our laptops or iMacs. Something I find interesting though is laptops are getting smaller and starting to resemble tablets in overall compactness. Put a Bluetooth keyboard case on an iPad Air; it resembles an 11 inch MacBook Air. iPhones are going to be released in different sizes soon. In the past we wanted compact cell phones and the industry delivered. Now we are seeing iPhones and iPads trying to accomplish more things that we rely solely on from our laptops or PCs for. Steve Jobs is looking at us from afar smiling and saying, “Welcome to the Post-PC era.”

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