Speed Texting Just Got Easier in iOS 8 [Just A Tip]

So you just downloaded iOS 8 and you’re poking your way around to find all the fun new features. With iOS 8 being the biggest update ever, there’s a lot to discover. As I uncover new features within iOS 8, I will try and share them with you. Some of them you’ll really enjoy, whereas others you’ll probably never use. The more you interact with new or updated features and functions on your iOS device, the more capable you are at unlocking their potential. Another great thing about learning more about a new iOS is these new features will most likely find their way onto future iOS upgrades so you’re never behind the power curve.

Text messaging is something we do numerous times a day. What once seemed like such an impersonal way to have a conversation consumes massive amounts of our attention throughout our day. One of the first new features you should take a look at is built right into your messages. iOS 8 has a way to help you pump out text messages more quickly and efficiently with a predictive keyboard feature. You may already have this feature turned on in your settings, but if you don’t, you’re now able toggle this feature on and off right from messages with out having to go into your settings. Watch the video below to learn more about this feature and be sure to check back often to see more iOS tips.

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