Sort It – Sorting Game, How fast can your fingers move? [App Review]

Sort_It_IconSort It is a game that will determine how fast your fingers can move and get things sorted. What your task here to do is to sort all the different coloured packages into their identical corresponding coloured chutes. These are located at the four corners of your screen and if you think you can handle the challenge you will have to drag the different coloured packages that fall into your screen (from every angle) and position them into the correct coloured chute.

However, simple as it sounds there are always things to make life difficult – we prefer to call it challenging. Bombs will rain down on your screen and you must pay close attention to these as after five seconds they will self-destruct and move all of your packages into the wrong coloured chutes.

This is something you will need to avoid as once a bomb explodes, and a certain coloured package finds its way into the wrong coloured chute, you will end up losing a life. Lose all three of your lives and its game over!




Sort It – Sorting Game has upgrades which can be purchased in-app: Revive and Clean Sweep. Revive lets you increase your playing time even after the game is over. The “Clean Sweep” upgrade permits you to you to build up a screen full of packages and sort them using a single tap for maximum points. Upgrades need to be purchased in tranches of 5, 50 or 150.

Exciting Gameplay

Sort It – Sorting Game has many challenges along the way including the “overload” feature where the post master will warn you to speed your game up. This usually happens when you have some 25 packages or more stacked up – you need to be quick because allowing the game to stack up means you overload; and “overload” spells the end of your game!

Streaking is another feature, only this time – unlike overload – you do want to have a streak. Streaking is when you sort several packages into their correct coloured chutes without missing one; a winning streak, if you like. If you maintain a sorting streak you will gain bonus points and the longer the winning streak, the greater your points total.

Then there is the “Frenzy” – a mystical rainbow package that falls onto your screen and allows you sort any coloured package into its correct corresponding chute – including those dastardly bombs!

(4 / 5)

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