Snap Pictures & Decorate Your Home With ‘LikeThat Decor’ [New App]

LikeThatDecorIconWhen it comes to shopping, I prefer online. Unfortunately, there is some shopping you can’t always do online—until now. When it comes to decorating your home, it can be quite the pain. There are so many different places you’ll find yourself traveling to in order to get just one item. Well, there’s an app you can download for free for your iPhone and iPad that could save you a ton of time and a lot of running around and it’s called LikeThat Decor by Superfish, a tech company who enjoys bringing you visual search apps.

Once you find something you like snap a picture and LikeThat Decor will search their database for the same or similar items. You don’t have to be in-store to use LikeThat Decor either, simply snap a photo of an item you like from your friend or family members house to shop for something similar. If you see an item in-store but believe their prices are too high, snap a photo and start shopping elsewhere. LikeThat Decor doesn’t need manufacturers or SKU’s to find your must have items. All you need is a photo and LikeThat Decor searches their database of millions of products among thousands of manufacturers.

What if you aren’t inspired by any of the items around you. LikeThat Decor can still find those must have items for your home and all you have to do to find them is visit their sample gallery. Simply scroll down and select something that inspires you and you’ll be shown similar options available for purchase online. Once you find an item, select it and you’re able to visit a website that has your item for sale, share the item on social media, pin it on Pinterest, or like the item so it will be stored in your user profile.

If you’re worried about buying items online or not sure if you’re getting the best price, now armed with the items name and manufacturer you might be able to find it at a store nearby to compare prices or so you can view it in person. LikeThat Decor helps take the run around out of shopping for furniture and decor for your home. In the past, my wife and I ran all around the Chicago area looking for unique items to put in our home. I wish LikeThat Decor was around about a year ago when we were in the market for home decor. LikeThat Decor is free to download in the App Store, so if you’re looking to save some time decorating your home, you definitely need to download this app.


LikeThatDecorScreenshotLikeThat Décor is a tool to help you search for Décor with Images, not words, to quickly bring your decorating visions to life. When you find a piece of furniture you like you simply take a picture or use a photo off your phone to get instant access to similar looking pieces. It’s as simple as Snap it, Explore it, Find it.

With LikeThat Décor you can:

– Explore and discover ideas for your home
– Design spaces just right for you
– Efficiently find and buy furniture
– Browse and save photos of Decor you love
– Dream up your next home or room remodel
– Search your favorite shopping or social websites, like Houzz or Pinterest, to get instant access to other similar pieces
– Save great ideas and share them with friend

From the makers of apps featured in CNN, TechCrunch, and Mashable – visual search pioneer Superfish brings you LikeThat Décor.


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