‘Slide X’ Makes Sharing Your Photos Fun for Everyone [Free App]

SlideXIconDo you share a lot of you photos with friends and family but hate having to show them one at a time? Slide X is available for free this weekend in the iOS App Store so you can start sharing your memories in a more user friendly fashion. Add amazing filters, cool transitions, and you even have the option to set your slideshows to music synced from your iTunes library. This great feature allows you to set the tone while making your presentation even more unique. Slide X gives iOS users a great way to showcase their photos on an iPhone or iPad. Don’t feel like having to huddle everyone around your iOS device to enjoy the show? No problem, Slide X allows you to airplay your slideshow to a computer or even your television—brilliant!


Bring the images of your favorite moments to life transforming them into gorgeous slideshow videos.

Slide X is a simple yet powerful way to create truly unique video-stories from your favorite pictures, it has beautiful organic transitions, stunning filter effects, soundtracks and much more.

In case you want to have a better idea of how the app works before downloading it, you can watch our promotional video on YouTube at http://y2u.be/lqE5Nqo-5Go


  • Transitions are uniquely soft/organic based on bursts, climactics, plasmas, erosions, strokes, vapors, etc. These are ideal to stylize your slideshow with cutting-edge visuals.
  • Stunning collection of visual effects that will give an unique style to your photos.
  • Slides can be exported to be watched in any display device, think of your large living room TV for example.
  • Preview your creation instantly as you perfect changes.
  • Compose using pictures from social networks such as Instagram.
  • Instant sharing to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram and more.
  • Interact with friends through giving & receiving likes and comments.
  • Customizable visual formats to choose including landscape, square and portrait modes.
  • Include any song from your library as the soundtrack of your slides.
  • Well designed user interface for both aesthetics and usability.
  • Incredible creative flexibility and visual elegance for what you create.
  • The only slideshow app you will ever need.
  • And much much more …


A slideshow is a presentation of a series of still images on a projection screen or electronic display device, typically in a prearranged sequence. Each image is usually displayed for at least a few seconds before it is replaced by the next image using a visual effect as a transition.


  • Have a question? Remember: we can’t respond to App Store reviews, so email us at support@slide-x.net.


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