Size Might Be Everything [News]

The iPhone and smart phones go together and the link between them is truly natural and ubiquitous. If you track the history of phones they have historically become smaller and smaller – however recently Apple decided to increase the size of the phone. This was done to counteract the introduction of larger models by competition mainly from Samsung but also to bridge the tablet market, additionally this decision was made to increase the capability and battery to accommodate new types of entertainment.

The main complaint of modern customers is the battery on iPhones – people are keen to move away from constantly seeking out charging opportunities for their phone. From the self-conscious plugging in your charger at the coffee shop to the battle with the old iPhone charger as you battled to get it in the slot. In the marketplace there has been a mass influx of products which provide a bridge of charging with USB chargers – these can range from $5 upwards in price. These are great but they can simply change the problem of charging your phone directly or charging your USB power pack. There are air charge devices but they are currently expensive within the marketplace and with the new iPhone lighting cable the task of ‘plugging in’ is far easier than the original lead.

The 6S contains the A9 chip which enables far more multitasking than older models. Most people quickly flick between Safari or the Google search app with emails and a music streaming service – quick navigation between is important. The new Apple Music service demonstrates this as it features downloadable content as well as videos, interviews and playlists you can download. Online gaming is now far more prominent. Lucky Nugget Casino is a leading online gaming site and the games on offer can be demanding with advanced imagery and interactive features, such as online video poker. Content like this also offers you the chance to win a range of financial prizes so it’s essential that the iPhone offers the security needed.

The larger screen offers you the option of watching on demand TV and film content in a way that incentives you to purchase free or paid for content via the likes of Netflix. Obviously the iPad has a larger screen but the iPad is a device which even in 2015 would still be unusual to actually leave the house with due to the cost of the device, but mainly most consumers see a tablet as a ‘stay at home’ experience. The 6S enables the benefits of a tablet but one which can be taken from your pocket quick and easily.

The iPhone is constantly evolving and there is a wide variety of models which can suit different pockets and needs. What’s encouraging is that the phones renowned ease of use is still a key attraction as Apple has refused to bamboozle customers with over techy menus and language.

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