Siri Is A Wiz At Math [Just A Tip]

Do you use the calculator on your iPhone a lot? Siri is helpful for tons of things and adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing is an area she excels at. The great thing about using Siri, unlike the your calculator, is you can edit any errors. Here’s a couple of ways Siri can help you with her math skills.

I’m sure you know how boring but necessary it is to go through your checkbook and balance each transaction. Attention to detail is important to avoid having to go back and edit everything when your bank statements arrive. It’s easy to make errors while entering information on a calculator, but if you use Siri on your iPhone or iPad you just might save yourself some time.

Simply wake up Siri and start rattling off numbers to her. For example you can say 1127.92 minus 37.97 (spoken one one two seven point nine two, minus three seven point nine seven) and she’ll give you the result of 1089.95. If you’re balancing your checkbook, use 1089.95 to begin your next input. Unlike a calculator, you’re able to see if there are errors and quickly edit them. To correct any errors, simply select “tap to edit”. This will save you time when your bank statement arrives since you’re able to spot input errors beforehand.


Siri is great for figuring out the amount everyone needs to tip when the bill comes for dinner. In order to do this, simply ask Siri, “What’s 18% of $124.50 divided by four people?” She’ll quickly check and tell you it’s $5.60. If everyone is paying equal share of the bill, next ask Siri, “What’s $124.50 divided by four people plus $5.60?” The answer is $31.13, which she rounds up. Splitting the bill has never been easier—well, as long as everyone’s paying an equal share of the bill. If you’re dining with someone that ordered something from every portion of the menu, Siri might advise you to dine alone next time since she’ll have a hard time deciphering what everyone owes.

This might sound silly, but you might want to practice this once or twice before trying to blow your friends away with Siri’s math skills. I don’t mean to bad mouth her, but I’ve got to be honest with you, sometimes she can be a bit difficult since she takes everything so literally. For example, when you want her to figure out the tip amount, you must tell her exactly what you want her to compute. If you need 18% of $124.50, you must state, “What is eighteen percent of one hundred twenty four dollars and fifty cents?” If you were to say, “What is eighteen percent of one hundred twenty four fifty,” you will get another answer since the information you tell her differs from what you actually want. Go ahead and try it now for yourself or check out the photos below to see what I got.

As you can see, the answers differ since Siri needs to know exactly what you’re trying to find. If we were all at dinner and I were to ask you what 18% percent of 124.50 (one hundred twenty four fifty) was, you’d probably understand I was trying to figure out the bill. Unfortunately Siri isn’t at dinner with us, so she literally needs every detail in order to give you the correct answer. I’ve seen and heard users comment how Siri doesn’t give them the same answer in certain situations. This is an example of how your answers could vary if you’re not phrasing the question correctly.

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