Simply Declare, the Travel App to Make it All Easy at Customs [App Review]

SimplyDelcareIconSimply Declare Travel App Free is definitely a “must have” app  for the wise and regular world traveller. Simply Declare is the only app on the iOS Appstore which tracks the goodies  you purchased abroad. The app works from any currency to any currency; you could be a from Hong Kong travelling to London, or you can be from the UK travelling to Australia, and so on and so on.  When you arrive back in your native country, the app will tell you how much you have spent in your duty free allowance before you go through the dreaded  “anything to declare” channel upon your arrival.  You the user sets your limits, based on your own countries “custom allowances” (the app can’t do if for you because with it being a global app it would be impossible to know what each country can be claim and for the date trip allowances) but set up takes two shakes and you are on your way.

Simply Declare Travel App Free exchanges rates daily based on the European World Banking rates, so with regular updates constantly updating in the app you can be sure you will get the exact answer of how you have spent in your limits. Note: a WIFI connection only is needed so there are no Roaming Charges inflicted by the app. The items pages lets you how much you have spend in your own currency, but if you are still shopping, the front page will quickly tell you what you have left in your duty-free allowance. Whether you are the type of record keeper who enters your stuff on the fly, or the traveller who sits in the boarding wait room, the app has a sleek UI for quick and easy use. If you have travelled through numerous countries, the app is built to handle more than one currency and it even lets you add a custom currency rate for those out of the way travel spots. Thirty-Four currency rates are supported for the most travelled destinations. 

The picture taking feature for receipts is also nice feature to make sure you have copies of your paperwork, and just email them to your cloud account for safekeeping. Simply Declare is also great to use as just a simple currency converter.  When you fill out your declaration form at customs you will be required to list each and every item. The Simply Declare Travel App will itemize sorted by either item or by date, and will list all these items for you so filling out this awkward form suddenly becomes a stress free. The final list can also be emailed for safekeeping. 

Simply Declare Travel App Free, also available in a Paid “Ads Free” version for a mere  .69£ ($0.99), has been recognized as one of the truly different and useful travel apps on the market today. The new iOS 7 look and feel is making waves and among others have called it one of the best travel apps to have for the world traveller. Please check out their website at and download today. 

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

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