Simply Declare New and Improved Travel App [App Review] did a review last June about Simply Declare Travel App. We thought with the new changes and the new features added it warranted another look.

Simply Declare Travel App is a simple way of managing your travel receipts, particularly those necessary for proving your hard good’s value when you return home from traveling abroad. The app works simply and easily, but with the new features has turned into a very well rounded app.

Simply Declare has two versions, a free ad supported version and a paid version. Now, we loved the paid Simply-Declare-Screenshotversion, but there was not much difference to warrant the download fees. However, with the new Version 5.0 the Paid version has been developed with quite a few new features and with the introduction of in-app purchases the user can make the app work more for their specific needs.

The new paid version of Simply Declare gives the traveler a very handy Quick Currency Converter with the basic 34 supported currencies, two types of handy notepads, plus iCloud backup which works very well. The first notepad is found on the first page and will not clear upon starting a new trip. I liked this notepad and basically used it for making my lists before I left for my trip. The second notepad is item specific. When you are adding an item to your “roster” you can make a note which will be attached to only this item.

The Quick Currency Converter is one of the slickest and easiest converters to use, but if you want to increase your currencies, the in-app purchases will give you 165 currencies. Now, an issue would be having to scroll though all the currencies, but Simply Declare has an ingenious way of fixing this issue. Simply Declare has created a “favourites” list which will allow you to bring to the top 7 currencies. The favourites list is probably one of the best I have seen and truly is thinking about what the traveller needs. The “favourites” list also carries over to the items list for when you are adding items to your roster.

The other in-app purchases available are History of Trips and Individual Lists. Both of these features work seamlessly. I have friends from Canada and the Individual List is very important for when they return, so they have individual lists for Canadian Customs. I liked the History of Trips, because I was able to store the items with the notes and I can keep the information as sort of a map for my future trips. Simply Declare Travel App is a travel app we recommend for all you world nomads.

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

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