Simplifying Email [Tips and Tricks]

It’s extremely easy to get overwhelmed with all your emails, even though there are countless apps on the app store to help keep your inbox under control. MailBox and Google’s Inbox both offer the “Zero Inbox” method but what if you don’t want an empty inbox? There is another way to manage your mail, and you don’t need anything other then Apples own Mail app.

So let’s start at the beginning.

The simplest way to help you dig through the mountains of mail is to set up VIPs. This is done simply by opening up the Mail app, looking for the VIP bar (near the top) and pressing the ‘i’ icon. Add important people to this list by searching your contacts and then select the email address of the person you want to be VIP and press done. Once set up, all VIP emails will drop in to the VIP inbox making emails much easier to find. VIPs can also have different alerts and notifications than regular emails.

The next trick helped me dig through 200 emails yesterday and it is so simple. You know that day when you get bombarded with emails and unread emails slip further and further down in your inbox, it’s annoying. Well, there’s a pretty simple fix. Open the mail app and select edit from the top right corner, a menu will appear with a couple of options, select unread and press done. Now no matter where in your inbox the unread email is it will appear in the unread folder making it easier for you to quickly find it.1111

The final tip is flags. Flags are the single most useful feature of Apples Mail app. If you see an important email and you don’t want to lose it, open the email and press the flag icon in the bottom left corner. Following the step above you can set up a flagged item folder making all of those flagged emails appear in one place. This has been extremely useful when it comes to emailed directions or phone numbers.

I hoped you liked my email tips, if you have any questions leave a comment below or hit me up on Twitter (@Mattaro89).

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