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Shopping for Groupon Deals Just Got Easier [App Review]

TripWire for Groupon, Groupon, TripWire, TripWire app, In the spirit of the holiday season you’re probably shopping around for the absolute best deals you can find. You’ve probably employed your smartphone for this shopping experience. More and more people are turning to their smart devices to help them save time and money. If you’re looking to score a deal on Groupon, we’ve found TripWire which helps you take advantage of some great deals based on your current location.

Those of you who’ve used Groupon are aware of the great deals you can score by using their app and website. You’re also probably well aware of the vast amount of emails you receive after the sale for other deals they’re offering. At some point, at least for me, you get tired of the constant emails and you unsubscribe from receiving emails from Groupon. Now you’re on your own to score hot deals.

Now you must check back on the Groupon app or website to take advantage of any future offers. Unfortunately this wastes quite a bit of your time. Thankfully there’s TripWire! TripWire will use your current location to help you score amazing deals. The name pretty much says it all since you effectively activate a tripwire when you’re within a given proximity of a Groupon deal.

TripWire for Groupon, Groupon, TripWire, TripWire app,

TripWire is perfect for taking advantage of deals near locations you frequent the most. For example, I bought a deal on Groupon years ago for Chimpsy, an advanced photography field trip with an instructor, which eventually expired. It’s not that I didn’t want to partake in this photography experience, I just couldn’t carve out the time to make a reservation and travel down to Chicago in order to enjoy my deal. Every Groupon I’ve purchased for a business in my local area is always used. With TripWire I’m able to take advantage of finding and using Groupon’s more effectively since I’m receiving deals in areas I’m in the most. TripWire will help me avoid buying deals in areas I’m not going to frequent—brilliant!

Once you’re inside TripWire you must allow access to your current location. Without enabling this feature TripWire won’t be able to determine your location and won’t present you with any Groupon deals. The downside to enabling this feature is TripWire will be using location services in the background which uses more battery.

The layout is extremely simple since it’s just a map with your location and any Groupon deals near you. As you travel throughout the day TripWire will notify of any deals during your travels. TripWire needs permission to send you notifications about deals near your location. You can still use TripWire but you’ll have to open the app to view deals in your area.

TripWire is super convenient and easy to use. If you’re a huge fan of Groupon, TripWire is going to be your new best friend at scoring amazing local deals.

Overall TripWire is a great application to use and is effective at finding you deals. However, I did notice on a couple occasions the map was slow to load and required me to completely shutdown the app and restart it. After a restart the map came up and started providing available deals in my local area. The app icon I have on my iPhone 6s Plus, which is what downloaded from the App Store (re-downloaded just in-case an error occurred) features a lot of the same dark colors for each element which makes it hard to spot. This appears to be different from the icon I noticed in the App Store for TripWire. Since TripWire isn’t on my first screen, I zipped right past it a couple of times while trying to find it.

TripWire for Groupon, Groupon, TripWire, TripWire app,

TripWire doesn’t allow users to adjust settings in the app. The distance away from a business offering a Groupon is given in meters. I’m used to viewing miles, so I don’t get an entirely accurate idea of just how far away this deal is from my location. Also, I would like to adjust the radius for notifications. If I know I’m going to an area where I receive a lot of Groupon suggestions and I don’t want to be bothered, I’d like the ability to adjust the radius for notifications so I don’t feel overwhelmed which would probably lead to deleting TripWire from my iPhone altogether.

My last critique for TripWire would be how the text overlaps in the upper margins. As you’re scrolling through a deal the text overlaps the time, battery percentage, and cellular service information at the top of the screen. It seems like such a minor thing to point out, but when you reading through information, you can’t help but notice it which makes TripWire seem a bit unpolished around the edges. It doesn’t make me not want to use TripWire though since it doesn’t impact my ability to score some great deals.

TripWire for Groupon, Groupon, TripWire, TripWire app,

Shopping for deals online or in-store is time consuming no matter how you slice it. Groupon fans will thoroughly enjoy TripWire since deals are able to seek you out as you go about your normal daily routine or while running around on the weekend. I was presented with a couple great deals while out Christmas shopping the other day. There is a downside though too, some deals you see on Groupon’s website don’t interest you at all so you move right past them without being bothered. With TripWire you’ll receive notifications on deals in your area regardless if you’re interested in them or not.

TripWire is a free universal app available for you to download in the App Store. If shopping for great deals is what you’re all about, you and TripWire are going to spend a lot of quality time together.

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