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If you’re not capturing memories with your iOS, you’re truly missing out. They’re capable of taking amazing photos and videos. Videos can be a bit trickier to master though. If you’re in motion while recording video it will probably have some unwanted shake included in it.

This can be frustrating and nearly impossible to get rid of unless you spend hundreds of dollars on equipment or software. Thankfully we’ve found StayblCam, the affordable alternative which is less than a hundred dollars, but performs like you spent four times as much.

Who Can Use StayblCam?

Anyone! If you own a smartphone, GoPro, or video camera, you’re ready to purchase StayblCam. It features a standard 1/4″ inch universal camera mount which gives you the ability to attach almost any recording device.

If you’re constantly capturing video, StayblCam is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Shooting video will never be the same with this handy device and it’s so easy to use.


StayblCam is all about getting rid of those shaky videos, and boy does it deliver. Minutes after getting it in the mail I was shooting smooth videos with ease.

Initially I was concerned about putting my iPhone 6s Plus in the smartphone holder, but the grip was more firm than I anticipated. There are two different grip sizes on the holder which allows you to leave a case on your iPhone or take it off while using StayblCam. This is a great option to have since it helps put your mind at ease when you turn StayblCamupside down to capture some great video from an entirely different perspective.

After getting acquainted with StayblCam I was very comfortable putting my iPhone in the grips and flipping it all around to capture video from different perspectives. At no point and time did it slip out.



When you compare the price of StayblCam to professional equipment used to stabilize video, you’re spending far less; like take your family out for dinner with the money you save less. Is the equipment used by professionals better, yes. But why would you drop tons of money if you don’t need to?! StayblCam is a phenomenal alternative for those of us on a budget and don’t need high-end equipment.

StayblCam will only set you back $75, whereas other gimbals we’ve seen are double the price and continue to go up from there.

Another reason we like StayblCam so much is the attachments are reasonably priced. If you don’t own a GoPro now but purchase one later, you’re able to buy an additional mount for under $10.

Since following StayblCam we’ve noticed different $5-10 promo code coupons shared through social media or via clickable banner ads online. These great savings allow you to nearly zero out tax and shipping costs, which is fantastic.

Construction Quality

I hate comparing StayblCam to a selfie stick because that’s not what it is, but I guess it has to be done… I’ve seen and held some terrible ones. There are far more poorly constructed selfie sticks out there than quality. Now with that mind, StayblCam should be the flagship design choice for how to construct something in this accessory product line.

Although the StayblCam has some weight to it, which is by design for counterbalance, it doesn’t feel too clunky or bulky. It has the right feel to it without sacrificing any features or feel. If it were any larger it would’n’t sit right in your hands. Conversely, if it were any smaller it would seem flimsy or difficult to comfortably hold in your hand for any extended period of time.

It takes some strength to extend the pole on StayblCam. At first I was a bit annoyed knowing I was going to have to fight with it each and every time used it. After seeing how it needs to be balanced horizontally, it made sense as to why it was so tight. You need Stayblcam to keep this exact hold so you can focus on shooting your video and not continually re-balancing.

Another great feature, which you’ll love, is it’s 100% made in the USA. If you bleed red, white, and blue, Stayblcam is a great way to show support for an American company.

Does StayblCam Protect Your Device?

Will it completely protect your device, no. What it does do is feature an amazing grip for your device, which feels sturdy and has two different size openings for you to choose from. If you’re completely comfortable using your iPhone without a case, you’re probably going to feel just as comfortable using it without one on StayblCam. If you’re like me, you generally always have a case on your device and you’ll probably want to keep it on while shooting video with StayblCam.

I shot videos with and without a case and never felt uneasy about either setup. The two grip sizes available firmly held onto my iPhone 6s Plus. If I had to choose a preference, I’d probably go with the case on approach. I have a Moment case and compatible lenses, which made shooting video with the StayblCam even better. Everything fit perfectly and I was able to use these amazing lenses to capture some amazing video.


Is StayblCam Easy to Use?

Whether you’re a casual or everyday StayblCam user, it’s very easy to learn how to set up and use. Instructions are provided in the packaging but if you require more information their website has instructional videos to get you up to speed or refresh your memory in no time.


  • Smooth professional looking videos in minutes
  • Capture video from new and unique angels
  • Very easy to control after very limited practice
  • Great online information materials provided on their website
  • Price is very affordable and for what you get is a steal
  • Made in the USA
  • Feels sturdy and durable thanks to quality products
  • Amazing grip to hold your device with or without a case
  • Additional accessories are reasonably priced



  • Too bulky to simply carry around leisurely
  • Design is rather suggestive of a different product you can purchase, which is a bit comical too
  • Using out in public does feel a bit awkward, so plan on explaining it to gawkers

StayblCam Overall

From the moment I saw StayblCam I knew it was going to be a standout product to review on iOS etc. I’ve shot a lot of shaky videos with all of my iOS devices and they’re just annoying and too embarrassing to share most of the time. With StayblCam I can finally proudly share some of them.

Anyone who shoots a lot of video, or those of you with kids, is going to love StayblCam. Your children are going to be busy for hours trying to direct their first feature film right from their iPhone.

Even though it’s a bit larger than what I would like, it all makes sense without being too excessively large. It all just makes sense once you start using it.

Construction quality is amazing. The two grips for your device are much better than I expected.

StayblCam gives you the ability to capture amazing video and the confidence your device is safe while you explore new ways to shoot.



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