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Collectively, we take enormous amounts of photos these days with our smartphones. In 2011, 1000 Memories reported, “Every two minutes we snap as many photos as the whole of humanity took in the 1800s.” If you’re on Facebook or Instagram  you’re well aware of how often people share photos. It’s so easy nowadays to quickly share photos across numerous social media platforms with all the easy to use share buttons spread throughout almost every app or feature on your iOS device.

It’s hard finding a delicate balance of sharing. I’m sure we all know someone who shares nearly every single snippet of their day. After a while it can become overwhelming to your news feed and you spend most of your time flipping past their photos. Depending on which social media platform you’re experiencing this on, you can unfollow specific friends so you don’t receive all their updates while still remaining friends or you can simply unfollow them altogether. It could be somewhat awkward the next time they ask about a recent picture posted and you have no idea what they’re talking about.

There’s a better way to share your photos and videos while avoiding the awkwardness. Instead of posting every single picture on your social media accounts, simply start an iCloud Photo Sharing album. Now you can invite fellow iOS users to see your photos in the shared album without blasting information out to every single follower.

My wife and I take quite a few photos or our daughter, but I don’t feel all my friends on Facebook want to see each one we take. You know who does though? Most of our family members. So instead of putting everything on my social media accounts, I started an iCloud shared photo album and invited our family members and close friends to join so they can watch her grow up with us. With some of them living too far away to see her numerous times a month, this is a great option to have available to them. When new photos post, they receive notifications informing them there’s new content they can view, like, and comment on.

You can also benefit from iCloud Photo Sharing while on vacation. This past October, we took our daughter to Disney World for the first time and we shared the photos we took with other family members we were on vacation with via a shared album. Those members subscribed to shared photo albums are able to save photos to their device too. Albums are setup allowing subscribers to post their own photos too. This is a terrific idea if you’re traveling with a group and may allow everyone to double the amount of photos captured on vacation.

If you refrain from sharing photos on social media while on vacation, but want family members to see what you’ve been up to, put an iCloud Photo Sharing album to work for you. This way you’re able to keep everyone in the loop about how awesome that vacation is you’ve been talking about for so long without blasting photos out to every single follower you have on your social media accounts. When you get back, select and share your favorites in an album. You’ll probably get more likes and comments afterwards since you weren’t blasting everyone’s news feed for a week straight with amazing vacation photos.

If you haven’t started a shared iCloud photo album, it’s very simple to set one up. You must sign-in to your iCloud account to use this feature if you’re not already. Open the native Photo app and look at the middle of the screen on the bottom to find Shared. If it’s not selectable, you’re not signed into iCloud. Tap Shared and select + in the upper left corner to add a new shared album. Name the album and tap Next. From here you’re able to select the iCloud users you want to invite to the shared album (only those contacts with iCloud are able to view shared albums). After you’re done adding those you want to invite, tap create.

The contacts you selected will receive a notification inviting them to join your shared photo album. By default, those you’ve invited can add photos to the shared album they have access to. If would like to change this setting, select the album you want to edit and at the bottom of the screen tap People. From here you’re able to turn off their ability to post photos to the album. This is also where you’re able to adjust a few other settings, as well as delete the album altogether.

Now start adding photos and videos to your new shared album and wait for members to accept their invitation. This is by far my favorite way to share photos with friends and family members. In the past, if I didn’t post a photo to my social media accounts I would text them to numerous people via group text, which takes a bit of time depending upon how many people you want to share it with. With iCloud Photo Sharing, I’m able to post specific photos to different albums and subscribers receive notifications when new items are posted. This is much quicker and easier than sending out group texts, which can get annoying sometimes when everyone starts replying.

Those members subscribed to your shared photo album don’t have to worry about your photos taking up storage space on their device. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to worry about it either. Photos uploaded to iCloud Photo Sharing don’t count towards your iCloud storage. There is a maximum amount of photos and videos you can add though, which is 5000. If you reach the maximum, holy cow that’s amazing, you’ll need to delete some media before you’re able to add anything.

I love sharing photos, but I try to do it sparingly across my social media accounts. I feel after a while some of my friends would get sick and tired of seeing a ton of photos about what I’m doing from day-to-day or while on vacation. Family members are a different story, at least for me anyway. They’re always excited to hear from us, especially since our daughter was born. It’s a balancing act between sharing too much with everyone or not enough with others. iCloud Photo Sharing is a great way to share photos continuously with friends and family members. If a subscriber is tired of getting updates, all they have to do is unsubscribe.

If you’ve ever been accused of sharing too many photos, maybe this is a useful option to explore if you’re looking to change the way you share. You’re still able to share as many photos as you want with others. At least now you can invite those who seem to appreciate your willingness to open up and share with them.

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