Shake up How You Trade Stocks with ‘MOMO’ [New App]

MOMO_iconIf you’re into trading stocks, your iOS device will become more powerful with an app called MOMO. Developers over at Mometic in Dallas are positioned to provide you with a way of staying up to date on stock market activity, but with a twist.

MOMO is the first app of its kind to send you alerts and help you keep a watchful eye on stocks while on the go. With MOMO you’ll get instantaneous insight on stocks with momentum to help you decide whether or not to invest in it before others discover them.

There’s a lot of noise out there when it comes to stocks. This noise makes it hard to discover those breaking out amongst popular stocks media outlets tend to share with us. Now with MOMO you’re able to easily view stocks with the most movement in the market since MOMO filters our those with little movement. Now you’re keeping an eye on more investment opportunities thanks to MOMO.


Case #1: A widely held stock missed earnings. It appeared greatly oversold and was lingering around 10% below the prior day’s price. It seemed like a great entry point, but also had significant downside potential. With MOMO, you can quickly identify the stocks next move. Users can also set an alert to notify them of the next breakout while they are not actively using the app.

Case #2: Biotech stocks are renowned for doubling their price or much more on any given day after receiving FDA approval. Many are kept in tight trading ranges as until the approval and waiting as long as 30 minutes can be too late. MOMO, alerts you visually, audibly, and provides quick access to StockTwits to help confirm the news.MOMO-iPhone-6@2x

MOMO instantly reports new daily highs and lows of stocks right on your iOS device so you’re always in the loop concerning price activity. You don’t have to worry about MOMO being an overcomplicated stock app since it was designed to be instantly useable with intuitive controls while maximizing the screen space on your device.

You can even keep your trading friends in the loop thanks to MOMO with quick and easy tap and send sharing options. Easily setup alerts in MOMO with options to delete alerts daily or save them till you delete them. You’re even able to setup Always On mode which let’s you decide whether to override system defaults to keep you better informed.

MOMO is in beta testing, but they’re shooting for a release date somewhere around the beginning of May.

MOMO will be free to download in the App Store and you’ll be able to use it free for a short period of time on a daily basis. If you want full access to everything MOMO offers, it’ll cost you at least $10.99 per month. Quarterly and annual pre-payment discounts will be available for you to take advantage of.

As soon as we hear more information about MOMO, we’ll let you know.

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