Selectively Clear Your Browsing History in Safari [Just-A-Tip]

iOS 8 has brought us a slew of new features and trying to figure all of them out can be difficult. Don’t worry though, iOS Etc has your back and we will be writing about a lot of them throughout the next few weeks. One new feature iOS 8 introduced us too is the ability to selectively clear your browsing history in Safari.

Why might you want to selectively clear your Safari browsing history? Can you think of a time when you and some friends or family members were sitting around the table and someone didn’t quite understand a slang word or maybe a taboo topic came up? If you were the person gracious enough enlighten them by looking it up on your iPhone, this information will now show up in your Safari history. If you or someone else starts typing in the menubar of Safari at a later date, that not so appropriate information may appear as a suggestion based on your recent history.

If this is something you’d rather forget you looked up or avoid accidentally sharing with others, you might want to delete a certain portion of your browsing history to avoid an awkward situation.

To take advantage of this feature, open Safari and select the bookmark icon. From the bookmarks screen select history and in the bottom righthand corner select clear. From here you’re able to clear your browsing history by choosing one of four options: last hour, clear today, clear today & yesterday, or clear all history. If you’re only looking to get rid of yesterdays browsing history you would have to select clear today & yesterday. You’ll lose anything you’ve navigated to since yesterday, but at least you got rid of whatever it was you were looking at from the day before.

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