Secretly and Securely Store Your Files With ‘cb Time’ [App Review]

cb_Time_IconWith the plethora of password securing apps it’s easy to get lost in what’s available for you to download in the App Store which offers a departure from the norm. We’re all probably familiar with 1Password and Keeper, but these are the obvious options. If you’re looking for an app at that doesn’t give away you’re trying to hide something, we just might’ve found exactly what you’re looking for.

It’s called cb Time and I really enjoy the concept since you’re able to securely store important notes, voice memos, photos, videos, and credit card information without giving away it’s a vault to store items. As I mentioned before there are some amazing apps out there which allow you to store all those usernames and passwords you’ve accumulated, so when you find an app that lets you store all sorts of other important information you hold onto it tightly if it’s high functioning. cb Time gives users a creative way to hide and store items without sacrificing security.

At first glance it’s just a simple clock app with an alarm. Once you’re behind the secure login screen, design and layout is very user friendly and easy to understand. Users are not overwhelmed with graphics or any smoke and mirrors with the secretive cb Time. The general layout is up to you once inside. There are secure folders which cannot be deleted but you’re still able to create additional folders to further customize and organize items in cb Time.


  • Securely store photos, videos, notes, voice memos, credit cards, and personal data
  • Password derived from the time you pick on the analog clock
  • Additional protected folder with its own password
  • Theft folder snaps and saves a selfie after incorrect passwords are entered on launch screen
  • Each item is secured by the strongest available 256-bit AES algorithm
  • Panic mode deletes information after 5 incorrect password entries
  • Set and add alarms
  • Print items via AirPrint

If you’re familiar with password storage apps, you’re going to easily understand how to interact with cb Time. Those of you unfamiliar with these types of secure information storage apps, you’re going to click around to get your footing but quickly get accustomed to how things operate. You’ll actually take more time just getting acclimated with the app than you will the first few items into different folders—it’s just that simple and straight forward.

If you’re an iPhones or iPad user and you’re storing important items in plan site, you should look into purchasing cb Time. Even with new hide features in iOS 9, sometimes you need to store certain items in a more secure place. What kind of items am I talking about? Important photos, voice memos, or videos with sensitive information just to name a few. Save them securely in cb Time and then delete them from there insecure location where anyone can find them.

An example of when you might need cb Time is if you have an alarm system and you want to make a video for family or friends that will be checking in on your pets on how to operate the alarm. Next time you don’t need to make a new video before you go out of town. Make it once and store it in cb Time and share it with them as a reminder before you head out on vacation. Remind them to delete it off their device when you return, or you could buy them cb Time as a thank you and have them safely store it in the app for quick and easy recall.screenshot_cb_Time

When it comes to overall quality and value for the money, I’m stumped. I really enjoy the hidden app approach to storing important information but for me personally I don’t know that I’d use the added alarm functions it offers at all. There are only six options for alarm sounds. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice departure from the norm to listen to some soothing music when an alarm goes off, but setting an alarm via control center is simple and convenient. cb Time could wake me up by giving me nothing but amazing compliments and I still would revert back to the native clock to set alarms. It’s simple, easy, and a habit at this point after all these years.

So as you can tell, I’m stumped on just how valuable cb Time really is. When I remind myself that at heart cb Time is all about keeping important information safe, secure, and a secret while not tipping anyone off to the apps true capabilities, the fog clears and I realize how valuable cb Time is. The quality and value is in the secure vault, not the clock. The clock features are a small perk and a mirage for what the app really does for it’s clandestine user.

I love buying apps in the App Store. Sometimes I wonder if my retirement account is in danger due to my obsession with purchasing apps. Even though I already have apps on my iOS device that secure important information, I really enjoy using cb Time. It could easily become my go-to app for storing photos, videos, and voice memos which contain sensitive information that I don’t want others to know about.

If you’re looking for a way to secretly store different types of media and information, you should check out cb Time in the App Store. Currently it’s featured as a free download so act now before the price goes back up to $2.99.

(4 / 5) Buy it for the clandestine approach to securing your files, not the clock!

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