Saving Money With Family Sharing [Just-A-Tip]

We have all had the feeling…..when your partner shows you an amazing app they’ve bought and you want it too. But you will have to pay for it, right? Wrong!

With the introduction of iOS 8, Apple brought us Family Sharing. Family Sharing essentially lets you share your purchases across family members and is really simple to set up. First of all on your iPhone, go to Settings then select iCloud, then Family. You will see a ‘Family Members’ list with the option to add more. Pressing ‘Add Family Member’ will pop up a ‘To’ field with a place to add an email address. Enter the family members email address and press send. Once the new family member gets this invitation all they need to do is accept.

The Organiser has the ability to do lots of things once the family group has been set up. They can decide which card the family’s purchases are made on, designate which family members are children and parents and also who’s media is shared. Any purchases made by one family member should be free to download by other members.

Apple has made it a little difficult to download shared media without paying for it on each persons device, but there is a way. Open the app store app and select ‘updates’ then select ‘purchases’. This will look a little different than it used to; instead of showing all of your purchased apps it will show the family members name and picture. Selecting a family member will show their purchases. You can then simply scroll through this list and download for free any apps that were purchased by other family

It is really important to remember if you want an app a family member has downloaded it will only be free if you follow the steps above. If you just search for it in the app store, Apple will charge you.



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