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I finally had my first experience using Freshbox. When I decided to put my iPhone to work at saving us money on food, I felt it would be too difficult and very time consuming to go through our entire kitchen to enter all our food information. Instead, I would start entering all the food we purchased from that point on. It seemed like the best option, but just how easy was it inputting information while shopping at the grocery store?

Initially my wife and I were going to go to the grocery store together. Unfortunately plans changed and I ended up going by myself. I’m not very proficient at the grocery store, so shopping while entering all the food into Freshbox was challenging. I photographed and entered expirations dates on items before moving on to the next. This way I ensured everything got entered into Freshbox. Shopping took longer than usual because of the extra time it took to enter everything and set reminders for food expiration dates.

Some food information is conveniently stored in Freshbox. However, some common items you assume would be stored in the application are not. For example, raspberries, green onions, and clementines weren’t stored in Freshbox. This is not a deal breaker, but it presented a problem when trying to decide how long these items were good till. Luckily I previously discovered and downloaded Harvest, so I quickly got information there. Without Harvest, I would’ve been completely lost on what dates to set for certain produce items. This added time to entering information, which resulted in more time spent standing in the aisles of the grocery store. There’s two qualities you’ll always hear me talk about when it comes to iOS applications: simplicity and ease of use. These two qualities are what I’m always looking for in applications I use repeatedly. Simplicity and ease of use for Freshbox took a small hit today.

Battery life on my iPhone quickly went down while using Freshbox at the grocery store. Since I was constantly inputting information on my iPhone, standby mode was rarely used while shopping. Thankfully I entered the store with ample battery life. One day, however, I’m sure I won’t have enough battery life to support continuous use and will leave the grocery store with a dead iPhone and more work to do when I get home. If your iPhone has battery performance issues, I would be hesitant to encourage you to input information while at the store for fear of draining your battery even quicker. If you’re concerned about using your battery life while inputting information, check out strategies for conserving battery life on your iOS device prior to heavy use for this or any application.

My first experience with Freshbox had its ups-and-downs. When preloaded information was available, it made entering food easy. When preloaded information wasn’t available, it required more time to input.Having at least two people at the grocery store would definitely help expedite the process. With two people present, one person would be able to input all information, while the other navigated around the store finding items you’re shopping for. The shopping list I completed should’ve only taken about 45-50 minutes, but it took me an hour and 15 minutes to finish. I hope as I become more proficient with Freshbox it will be quicker and easier to enter information. Make sure to follow me on Twitter, like iOS Etc on Facebook, or you find me on Pinterest to stay up-to-date with iOS Etc. Check out the free iOS app Steller where I will post my shopping trips while using Freshbox.

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