Save The Day In ‘Flyhunter Origins’ [App Review]

Flyhunter_Origins_IconIndie studio Steel Wool Games, with over 60 years of animation experience, teamed up with Ripstone, an independent UK based games publisher, to bring you Flyhunter Origins. Become Zak, a bumbling alien spaceship janitor and wanna-be flyhunter. After an unfortunate accident, Zak finds himself scrambling to undo his mistake and only you can help him.

While ‘The Frog,’ the Flyhunter Crew’s legendary spaceship, is near Earth’s orbit and with the Flyhunter crew in deep cryo sleep, precious, expensive, and rare cargo is accidentally jettisoned into space. ’The Frog’ crash lands on Earth and Zak must now correct his mistake and save the day, but he needs your help. Zak puts down his mop and broom and picks up a super-cool fly swatter to become a daring Flyhunter, which is a dream come true for him. It’s time to hunt down the expensive bugs and legendary the Flyhunters he jettisoned from ’The Frog.’

Fly swatter in hand, you and Zak set out to reclaim the rare bug collection investors are patiently, for now, waiting for. During your adventures, Zak must collect green blobs of goo, which are actually biomass. It’s important to collect biomass since it powers the ship. Also, there are rare bug eggs you can collect to trade on the black market to upgrade Flyhunter equipment.

Controls are easy to master with the left side of the screen representing movement forwards and backwards. The right side of the screen includes your action buttons. Here’s where you’ll tap to jump via rocket pack, swat away at your enemies, or zap them with your stun gun. I did notice at times after a restart the front and back controls were reversed for a few seconds. This really wasn’t a big deal, but it did throw me for a loop a couple times. Flyhunter_Origins_Screenshot
Gameplay gets progressively more challenging as you make your way through each level and obstacles you’re presented with in one level will show up again in another, but a bit more difficult to clear. I did find myself at times hoping the re-spawn point, or save point, was right around the corner after clearing obstacles during a few levels.

Visually, Flyhunter Origins is awesome! I really enjoyed the other Flyhunters you get to interact with as well as the characters you face during the game. At times it was hard to squash some of the villains because they were so cool looking, but then they started attacking me, so it was game on!

Steel Wool Games is passionate and creative when it comes to producing a stellar product. Their teams have worked on numerous Disney Pixar films, so you can be confident they’re going to produce a game that builds on their great reputation.

Flyhunter Origins is available now in the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for only $2.99. There are no in-app purchases available, so one price unlocks everything. File size is quite large at about 1 GB, but after downloading it’s showing 2 GBs of usage in my iPhone 6 Plus settings. This is probably one of those games you’re going to need to delete when you’re done playing so you can reclaim some of that precious storage space on your iOS device.

We definitely recommend Flyhunter Origins since it’s challenging, visually appealing, and has a great storyline with lovable characters. You’ll find yourself rooting for Zak the janitor as you help him get things back on track for the Flyhunter crew.

(4.5 / 5)

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