Save $9 this Week with Apps on Sale! [Free Apps]

The App Store has over a million apps in it and if there’s a sale going on, it may be difficult to find. Thankfully, there are some apps that allow us to see the sales and find ways to save money. This week, you have the opportunity to save up to $9. Come back each week to save even more money.


ModernCombat5IconModern Combat 5: Blackout by Gameloft
$3.99 (save $1)

This game, which has the official Editor’s Choice stamp, features high-powered multiplayer and intense solo combat. Start by designing your squad to stand by your side in battle, add your friends or go solo and test your skills against other squads. Also check out our review of the game.



Vintage_Plus_IconVintage+ by PSDC Creative Inc
$0.99 (save $1)

Go back in time with your selfies by using this photo editing app.  You can select from several different filters, like mold lines and scratches, and apply tons of effects, styles and frames.



Racing_Rivals_IconRacing Rivals by Cie Games
FREE (save $1)

Race against your live opponents in this four star racing game. If you think you can’t be beat, you can bet on yourself with cash or even your car.  You can also race in weekly competitions for bonuses, gems and control of cities.



BabySafari_IconBabySafari by Incandescent Core, LLC
FREE (save $1)

This children’s game, which was featured as Apple’s New & Noteworthy in Education, leads your child on an adventure through the Serengeti plains to meet the new baby animals.  With the rhythmic drumbeats, fun sound effects and scenery, your child will really feel like they are in Africa.



Fisher_Birds_HD_IconFisher Birds HD by Mohsen Majidrad
FREE (save $5)

Play as a bird and either dive for fish or fly over the sea.  Unlock more species of birds by catching more fish.  You can also compete with your friends to see who is the best flier or fisher.



If you intend on downloading all of the above apps, you have saved $9 plus applicable taxes.  As of this posting, these apps are free.  Usually deals like this only last for a limited time, so if you are reading this days or months after its post date; they are likely back to their original prices.  Subscribe to the blog and check back weekly to find more free apps.

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