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Sam Plays Saxophone Is Fun for the Whole Family [App Review]

Sam_Plays_Saxophone_IconReading has found a new medium for storytelling thanks to our iOS devices. Picking up a book looks a little different from it did 10 years ago but todays devices still convey the same message. I’m sure we’ve all read news articles on our devices and quite a few of us have read a book or two on our iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. One of my favorite things to do with my daughter is read stories to her in old-fashioned book form and via my iPad Air 2. There’s something great about both experiences but the stories seem to come alive better on our iPad.

A story which truly comes to life on the iPad is Sam Plays Saxophone. You’ll join Sam on a journey of adventure as he attempts to find Musicians for his band. During his travels he faces the stormy seas, a deadly desert and snakes, which you’ll get to see, hear, and interact with on every single page.

As the story unfolds your child is encouraged to interact with the story by moving pieces on the screen to their rightful spot or tap certain characters to make the story come alive with motion and sound. On different pages of the story, they’ll actually need to navigate current band members past dangerous foes or zigzag through a winding desert. It’s a story which begs to be touched while it easily holds everyone’s attention through elegant handcrafted illustrations and masterfully executed music from six different instruments.

• Original story told in rhyme.
• Original music.
• Fun voice over characters.
• Hand-made paper sculpture illustrations
• Animated characters and backgrounds
• Tap and drag interactively moves reader seamlessly through the story.
• 3 Educational activities.
• Choice of read aloud or read alone.
• Ability to turn music and sound effects off and on.
• Lines of story highlighted on each page.
• Tap to hear narration again on each page.
• Drop down menu on each page.
• Easy navigation through story.
• Kid friendly app.

Your children will beg to touch and play along with Sam Plays Saxophone each and every time the app is opened. It’s so easy to get caught up in the story as well as the interactive action there is to enjoy.  Your family will be bummed when the story is over, but thankfully it’s easy to start Sam’s adventure all over again.

At the end of the story everyone is invited to join in on the three fun activities to test their memory on what took place in the story as well as teach participants a little about music. This is a great way to check memory retention on the story as well as introduce them to some information about music and instruments.

Those parents looking to expose their children to some great story telling while using an iPad will really enjoy Sam Plays Saxophone. This iPad book is extremely interactive and educational which will provide entertainment at bedtime for many nights to come. It’s so easy for children to have fun moving the pieces around in the story so they’re involved in the action which will certainly make it a family favorite.

Parents or children can choose to have the story narrated for them or not. This is a great feature to turn on and off as your children get older and begin learning to read on their own. As your children age they’ll be able to read the story while still being able to interact with all the interactive elements of Sam Plays Saxophone.

One feature I really enjoy is the narration of the story and how character voices change for all characters. I know all of us as kids remember how adults would change the voices for characters while reading us a story and Sam Plays Saxophone doesn’t want you and your children to miss out on this in their story. It’s great to hear a characters voice come to life in a story, but by simply turning narration off, you and your kids can make up the characters voices on your own too—such fun!

Storytelling has gotten much more interactive thanks to all the amazing books you can download in the App Store. For such a low price you can grab some amazing interactive stories for you and your children to enjoy for years to come. Sam Plays Saxophone is one of those fun and amazingly interactive stories the family will enjoy seeing and hearing and at only $3.99 it’s an amazing deal. There’s great depth and quality of craftsmanship to this story which makes it feel like a classic in the making. We absolutely loved reading this story as a family and feel your family will to.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) It’s hard not to want to join Sam’s band after reading this amazing and interactive adventure!

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