S.E.D: Special Enquiry Detail® – Criminal Investigation Hidden Object Game

For someone who has been a fan of criminal movies and thrillers, I often wanted to take part in investigating a crime scenes myself. Who wouldn’t? However, while movies only take us passively through the scenario, there are interactive games – especially those, that can be played on mobile phones, which allow us to take the leading role in cracking mysterious crime scene secrets. I never really bought into this whole“mystery games” hype, until I finally tried S.E.D: Special Enquiry Detail for myself. This has got to be the most sophisticated game you will ever play, with highly complex crime scenes, riddled with details, clues and objects for you to find. Armed with a full forensic kit, you will be challenged to find evidences, that are scattered allover the place, most of which are cleverly hidden.

This game is targeted more towards experienced players, because some objects you’ll need to find are really not obvious, but if you previously had interest in crime dramas and crime games, you will know what instantly what to look for. One of the main advantages of S.E.D. Over other similar games, is that is has over 40 totally unique crime scenes to investigate, 20 mini-games to master and 8 uniquely dreadful cases to crack. Once you install this game, you will really have your hands full, interrogating suspects and analyzing clues in a lab.

Another main advantage of this game over others is its’ totally breathtaking HD graphics, that make the crime scenes even juicier.

Lastly, this game is FREE to download and play, and while there are options to unlock extra bonuses with in-app purchases, you can enjoy the biggest part of this game absolutely free of charge. Give it a go, just be sure not to get addicted!

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