‘RemindMeAt’ Seeks to Keep You on Track [App Review]

RMA-iconIf you’re constantly busy, it can seem impossible to keep everything straight. You bounce from place to place and meeting to meeting which means you’re searching for important information at many different places throughout your day. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had the notes you needed or a reminder waiting for you when you got to a specific location? Sure the native Reminders app is helpful, but I’ve strayed from using it in most cases. I’ve found an indie app that can help supercharge the way you set reminders on your iOS devices.

RemindMeAt quickly and easily lets you add reminders to your iOS device. From the launch screen you’re able to enter all the information you’ll need to keep you on track from day to day.

Let’s say you’ve agreed to watch your friends cats while they’re away on vacation. There’s a lot of important information you’ll need to remember and you don’t want to forget it. Entering in all the items you’ll need while you’re there is a snap with RemindMeAt. Simply add your note in RemindMeAt with the garage door and alarm codes, where the food is stored, favorite toys, and a few of their favorite hiding spots and you’re all set. Be sure and input their address so a reminder pops up as soon as you arrive. Last, select the days you’ve agreed to go over to check on them. This allows you to view what’s on your daily agenda when you swipe down from the top of your iOS devices screen.

You’ll also find RemindMeAt helpful at those important meetings. Set a reminder at the location of your next business meeting or sales call with those important names or notes you must remember to ensure you’re organized and ready. As soon as you arrive simply check your iOS device before heading in and you’re all set to go.RemindMeAt_Screenshot_iPhone_6

If you travel to numerous locations on a weekly basis, it’s easy to get names, information, and important notes mixed up. RemindMeAt lets you quickly and easily set reminders and notes on specific days for specific locations. When you add the RemindMeAt widget to notification center, you’re able to see how your day is shaping up before you head out for the day.

Having used both RemindMeAt and the native Reminders app on my iOS devices, I find them both helpful in their own way. What I like more about RemindMeAt is how quick and easy it is to setup a reminder. When you use Reminders there’s a couple screens to select to input everything, which takes a bit longer to setup. With RemindMeAt almost everything is on one screen allowing you to get everything setup a bit quicker.

Setting the address for reminders in RemindMeAt did take a bit of getting used to. You don’t need to setup the state for reminders in RemindMeAt. I’m not sure if this was a fluke for a couple reminders I setup, but I didn’t receive notifications until I removed the state from those reminders I setup when not using my current location while adding items.

RemindMeAt is available in the App Store for $2.99 on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Expect to see RemindMeAt on the Watch too. As soon as we’re able to check out how RemindMeAt works with the Watch, we’ll share our thoughts with you at our newest site WearMyApps.com where we will be covering a lot of information on wearable technology.

(3.8 / 5) Easily setup smart reminders for items you need at specific locations on specific days.

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