‘Red Bull Air Race’ Gets A Winter Update [News]

RedBullAirRaceTheGameIconThe fastest motor sport series in the world just got an extensive update just in time for winter. We covered its official release in September and Red Bull Air Race  has been thrilling players all over the world for free ever since. If you’re one of those engaged players looking for fresh new content, you’ll get a new location with several courses, a special campaign with new races and events, and new aircraft paint jobs.

The new location you’ll get to enjoy is Iceland. Here you’ll get four new detailed courses with over 60 new events to master. After winning match-ups against six pilots in Red Bull Air Race, you’ll unlock holiday paint jobs that are only available until the beginning of January. Time is of the essence before these paint schemes are gone, so update now.

Holiday paint jobs aren’t the only way you can change the look of your aircraft in this recent update. Now you can enjoy nine more paint jobs in the national colors of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Brazil, and Japan. Previously you were limited to the American and Canadian flags.

Updates have also been made to how you’re able to equip your aircraft while in the hangar.

This update to Red Bull Air Race is available now in the App Store. Make sure to download it today so you can unlock new content before it expires at the beginning of January.

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