Is it Really That Long Ago?

It really is incredible to think that it was back in 2007 that the iPhone was introduced to the general public and we are only a year or so away from Apple celebrating a decade of connecting with people all about the world, in fact it is sometimes hard to think what our lives would be like without the apps that are available to make our mobile experience totally personal to each of us. 

Nowhere else can you celebrate the destruction of an alien attack that was about to destroy humanity as we know it and at the same time check to see what trains are available to take you on that weekend away.  Who would have thought that we could budget our finances, pay for goods and services or even enjoy online pokies (slots) at a virtual casino all through our mobile phone, and all at our fingertips in High Definition. Apple began a revolution that has changed our lives and we are looking forward to 2017 to see what they will offer us in style and new software in their anniversary year.

Innovative technology has also served as a crucial driver in game development, introducing games to a new audience besides providing games designers with new opportunities. The range of games that the iPhone offers a chance to play simple time killers, to exploration and visual novels.  Below are some of the classic games that the iPhone provides and that were originally conceived for that particular device.

  • Simogo’s Year Walk is a pretty creepy and sinister game full of puzzles and not-so-nice creatures, weird and wonderful this game is not for the faint hearted!
  • The highly addictive Jetpack Joyride is one of those games that sucks you in and keeps you there and no matter how far you get you can hear yourself saying ‘Just one more time.’ This one finger pursuit will keep you coming back for more.
  • One of the earlier puzzle games made for the iPhone was Drop7 with its sleek and uncluttered interface controlled with a slide of your finger. Simple rules do help, but don’t be misled as the game is not so very easy with challenges escalating throughout making it one of the best examples of this type of puzzle game for the iPhone.
  • Alto’s Adventure offers great scenery, with snowboarding Llamas, bad tempered elderly people and a day to night cycle.  It’s best not to disturb those elderly folk for if you do they will quite happily toss you down the hillside.
  • A Dark Room is an experimental RPG which works in text only.  Part strategy and part interactive fiction this game is well worth trying out, it proves the power of words and will suck you in.
  • With a personal grievance against the ocean (yes you read it correctly) Ridiculous Fishing is one man’s try at becoming one with nature, and not only that you can exchange fish which have be liquefied by gunfire for large amounts of cash, and enjoy birds making fun of each other over the internet.  This game does have a more profound side to it as ultimately its .about coming to terms with things we have no control over.

What is evident when you download one of the iPhone games is the choice you have with titles on just about any genre you like and with the software melding seamlessly with the device, videogaming has never been better, and with the rise of touch screen interface we expect them to improve even more.

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