Realize Your Puzzle Solving Potential With Kinetics [App Review]

With so many games in the App Store, it’s hard to dig through all the layers to find a needle in the haystack. Here at iOS Etc, we take pride in finding the best apps for you to enjoy no matter what category they’re located in. We use many different techniques to find new applications to share with you. Recently Evro Studios, an indie studio founded by two college roommates who are both passionate about technology, released a puzzle solving game that will challenge you with hundreds of free levels of gameplay for hours. We challenge you to not get addicted to this puzzling maze that puts your planning skills to the test.

This new puzzle solving game is called Kinetics and you’ll enjoy the simple level progression as it challenges your skills with each new level. In order to advance, each level has a specified amount of moves you must use before you can advance. All moves must be exhausted in order to get credit for completing a level. Use too many or too few moves and you must re-evaluate your plan of attack.

Gameplay is extremely simple to grasp. There are colored blocks that appear on a grid and your job is to link them together. In order to link them, you must avoid gray boxes since you cannot go through these barriers, you must go around them. Also, you cannot cross over any other paths you’ve already created or you break the link. If this happens, you must link these blocks together once again. Levels become more and more challenging depending upon block placement, barriers, and moves allowed for each level.

If you’re stuck, Kinetics allows you to use a hint to help get you through a level. You’ll receive the first five hints for free and after those are exhausted you’re able to use in-app purchases to get more. Kinetics does offer other in-app purchases you can take a look at as you continue to enjoy this puzzle pleaser for hours and hours.

As of right now there are 550 levels you get to enjoy for free in Kinetics. Hopefully Evro Studios will add more levels if the game becomes popular among iOS users. This is an insane amount of puzzles you get to solve. When you start working on the difficult pack and beyond, things get a little dicey. You really have to be on your game to get through some of these levels, so use your hints wisely so you have them when you really need them or be prepared to shell out a couple bucks on a fresh set of hints. When you get frustrated and need help, these hints are your savior!

Once you think you’ve got the hang of Kinetics, challenge your puzzle solving skills with “Attack Mode.” This game mode gives you 60 seconds to see how many levels you can complete before the time expires. I have to admit, this mode is a lot of fun since it forces you to make quick decision in your gameplay and challenges you to look for your next move while you’re linking other colored blocks together.

Kinetics looks really awesome on both the iPhone and iPad. I noticed Kinetics and iOS 7 had a very cohesive look from the first moment I opened the application. When you think back to the bright colors we were introduced to in iOS 7, it seems developers at Evro Studios wanted Kinetics to take on some of the same characteristics with the bright colored blocks you see from the very moment you interact with the game from its home screen. Although I haven’t been a huge fan of the overall look of iOS 7, I really enjoy the look and feel of Kinetics. I guess I’m finally learning to accept the changes we saw starting with iOS 7. I still miss the old look though.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) Overall Evro Studios has a great puzzle pleaser with Kinetics. I’m excited to see where they’re headed in the future. There are other version of this style of game, but Kinetics has a fresh, clean and crips look to it. I did end up turning the music off because it got a little annoying after a while, but this always seems to happen when I get frustrated in a game.

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