Quickly Remove “Sent From my iPhone” [Just-A-Tip]

When the iPhone first came out it was sort of like a badge of honor to have “Sent From my iPhone” at the bottom of the emails you sent. Nowadays everyone has a smartphone, so it’s not uncommon for an email to be sent from a phone. If you’re looking to get rid of this setting on your iPhone or iPad it’s quick and simple.

To get rid of this text in your emails go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Signature. Here you’ll find all the email accounts you have setup on your iOS device. Select the text box underneath the email account you’re wanting to remove it from and highlight the text to delete.

If you own an iPhone and an iPad, you must edit this setting on each device if the email address you’re trying to remove it from is setup on all your iOS devices.

From now on your emails won’t have any signature text at the bottom unless you enter something new. You can also learn how to create personalized email signatures from a previous article we shared.

We use our email accounts on our iPhones and iPads regularly throughout the day. Setting up your account with your preferences makes it easier to send emails more efficiently. If you like to saving time, this is definitely one setting you need to adjust on your iOS device.

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