Quickly Get Hooked on ‘Mr Jump’ [New App]

Mr_Jump_icon_small_roundedAvailable March 19th in the App Store is Mr Jump, a side scrolling one-button game, which quickly challenges your reflexes. Reaction time must be quick as you attempt to accurately navigate through the traps in each unique and colorful level.

The concept is extremely simple, but when it comes to execution it’s challenging yet extremely enjoyable and frustrating at times. To execute a jump to avoid obstacles, you must quickly tap the screen for a short jump or tap and hold for longer jumps. Mr Jump isn’t an endless runner game, it’s a platform game, which is a first for indie studio 1button.

It’s easy to get hooked on Mr Jump since at first glance it looks as though it shouldn’t be too difficult and you can’t grasp why you’re having trouble advancing. Developers over at 1button carefully designed each level for accuracy since the challenges and frustration you face on each level are plentiful.Mr-Jump-iPhone-6-Plus-Screenshot

Mr Jump is a free to download for your iPhone and iPad. In-app purchases will remove ads or allows you to skip a level you’re stuck on. If you’re up for a challenge Mr Jump won’t disappoint in the 12 total levels you’ll attempt to complete. Actually, you’ll be disappointed in yourself when you realize just how slow your reflexes are to complete this game.

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