Quick Tip: Recently Closed Tabs in Safari for iOS

Here is a small little tip that I stumbled across recently on reddit by user /u/JM2845. Having owned an iPhone since the 3G, I’ve been fairly adept at learning all of the ins and outs of iOS: from the fact that a key isn’t entered on the keyboard until you release your finger to looking at crash logs via the native settings app. This being said, there is always something more to learn about Apple’s mobile operating system. This little trick took me by surprise when I saw it the other day. In Safari, after pressing the tabs button on the bottom right to bring up all of the open webpages you can hold on the plus button in the middle to open your recently closed tabs. Handy if you accidentally closed something and need to grab it back.

Safari Recently Closed Tabs 2

Recently Closed Tabs 3Its things like this that make me really love Apple and iPhones. They never seem to stop surprising me with their little subtle features stacked behind such an elegantly beautiful package. Just when you think you’ve learned all there is to know about iOS they pleasantly surprise you with something new.


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