Privacy Settings On Your iOS Device [Just-A-Tip]

Privacy settings on your iPhone or iPad probably isn’t something you think about everyday, but it’s something you should revisit every now and again. In most cases you won’t change anything, but in my opinion it’s a good idea to review what the apps on your device have access to.

To review the privacy settings on your iOS 8 device, go to Settings > Privacy > and select an app to view an apps permissions. If you discover an app has access to something you don’t want anymore, simply slide the selector to revoke access.

There is a downside to revoking access in some apps though. The next time you’re in an app you’ve altered, it may not be able to perform certain actions. In order for the app to perform these tasks again, you must go back into settings and adjust permissions.

Don’t think of this as a hassle. It may seem cumbersome to go back and forth, but it’s important for you to know what your apps have access to as well as how to change these settings. It doesn’t take long to adjust and it also helps you stay in touch with how to change settings on your device. Knowledge is power, and this is applies to your iOS devices too.

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