‘Precious Disk’ Frees Up Precious Space [OS X App]

Precious_Disk_IconI’m constantly trying to reclaim storage space on my iPhone and iPad. I’m always surprised how quickly apps, photos and videos take up precious space. It’s a never ending battle that will continue on as long as we keep snapping photos and downloading larger and larger applications.

I’ve focused so much attention on storage space for our iOS devices and forget about my MacBook and iMac. Sure, these devices have much larger hard drive space, which takes longer to fill up, but they’re even harder to go through and determine what is disposable or no longer being used.

In an effort to avoid wasting the time it will take to go through the hard drives on my OS X devices, I’ve enlisted Precious Disk to help me track and review my files. Precious Disk quickly and easily allows you to locate where your biggest or forgotten files are hiding. Now armed with the ability to expose these files, you can remove them from your hard drive and easily free up hard drive space.

You may not immediately need this new found storage space, but it may come in handy when you’re  importing moments you’ve captured around the holidays. There’s nothing more frustrating than discovering you just ran out of hard drive space when trying to import photos and videos to your computer.

Precious Disk scans your hard drive as quickly as possible and provides you with an amazing and intuitive visualization of the files and folders stored on your computer. Largest file folders are displayed at the top and you can even locate hidden files thanks to a special filter. View files and their contents in Finder or preview content in Quick Look before trashing them. With just one click you can easily move any files or folders quickly to your trash to reclaim disk space.

Thanks to the eye-pleasing, visual attractiveness and intuitive flow of Precious Disk, I’ve reclaimed just under 20 GB of space on my MacBook and 50 GB of space on my iMac. Finding files and folders you no longer use on your OS X devices can be complicated, time consuming and very frustrating. Precious Disk gives you the ability to quickly, and calmly, locate and delete those files and folders you no longer need or use.

Currently Precious Disk, by Sovapps, is only $4.99 in the Mac App Store. Reclaiming 70 GBs of hard drive space across my two OS X devices only cost about $0.07 per GB. That’s money well spent in my book.

System Requirements:

  • OS X 10.8 or later
  • 64-bit processor
  • 2.6 MB

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