Photos Are Gone, But Not Lost in iOS 8 [Just-A-Tip]

iOS 8 brought us a lot of great new features to take advantage of. One area you probably noticed quite a few improvements is the native Camera app. Your videos can have a lot more drama thanks to Slo-mo and Time-lapse mode. You’re also able to edit your photos like never before in iOS 8. I’ve gotten used to editing photos in my favorite apps and it’s been hard getting used to doing it any other way.

One new feature in iOS 8 I’ve appreciated is the ability to recover deleted photos. After you delete a photo, it’s still available for you to view and save. In order to find those deleted photos, you’ll need to visit the Recently Deleted album. There you’ll find all the photos you’ve deleted in the last 30 days and how much longer you have to rescue them. In this album you can select a photo you’ve deleted and recover it or delete it permanently if you need to free up some extra storage space.

Once you permanently delete a photo from this album, it’s no longer available to recover. Also, after 30 days have passed since you originally deleted the photo, iOS 8 will automatically delete the photo from your device. iOS 8 is trying to save us from ourselves it seems since I’m sure all of us can remember accidentally deleting photos from our devices and automatically initiating a #facepalm.

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