‘Party Hard’ Believes There’s a Psychopath in All of Us [New Game]

tinyBuild is constantly delivering fresh new games from amazing indie developers around the world. During this years PAXEast conference, tinyBuild spent the entire weekend previewing Party Hard and the feedback was phenomenal.

Party Hard allows you to get revenge on those noisy neighbors who throw loud parties that keep you up all hours of the night. Your goal in Party Hard is to sneak around while silently picking off unsuspecting victims one by one without getting caught. During any suspicious situations you must act normal by dancing and blending in while you plot your next move.

Party Hard was developed by Pinokl Games, a Ukraine-based development team best known for a series of casual and family-friendly games, and has become somewhat of a cult hit and is being turned into a full game with the help of tinyBuild.Party-Hard-iPhone-6-Plus-screenshot

This adventure style game has already received some hardware by winning “Indie Prize Amsterdam’s Critics Choice Award” and is scheduled to release on Steam this summer with a iOS and Android release shortly thereafter. Party Hard will also find its way onto consoles too, so you’ll be seeing a lot of this game in the very near future.

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