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Feel the effects of gravity in Ogg! Meet Ogg, the quirky caveman who needs your help as he explores food, travel and invents things in a prehistoric world.

Join Ogg on 150 levels spread across 15 different worlds. Each level offers new experiences and challenges as they get progressively more difficult. Meet new friends and foes who are there to help or hurt gameplay as you lend a hand to your new friend.

At the start of each level you’re given information on how you can help Ogg. It’s very important to read through the information provided since it describes how different members on the screen interact with gameplay. Level information also provides you with the ideal number of flips you’ll need to complete the level. Flips are moves you’ll make to move objects that guide the rock down the course. Use the exact amount and you’ll score more points, but if you use more than the ideal amount it yields fewer points. Flips can be made while the rock is moving down the course so don’t be afraid to test the course before making your flips.


Keep an eye on hints, lightning bolts, and level skips at the bottom left of the screen. You’ll accumulate a few as you go through the game but if you run out, you can grab more via in-app purchase.

Game graphics are basic yet extremely fun. Having grown up on gaming in the late eighties to early nineties, Ogg feels amazingly familiar to me and takes me back. If you’re a fan of strategy style games, which I am, you’ll get a kick out of Ogg, it’s simple yet so much fun!! With a rating of 4+, Ogg is fun for the whole family and will challenge a child’s critical thinking skills and creativity.

I’ve been playing for over a week now and I still get a kick out of all the new challenges each new world offers up. There’s always fun surprises waiting for you to discover in each new world. The concept of Ogg is so simple yet so much fun to play!

If you’re looking to enjoy a fun creative game the whole family can enjoy, head over to the App Store and download Ogg! It’s only $0.99 and well worth the price, but best of all you’re supporting an indie developer who recently brought their big idea to market.

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