OfficeSuite Brings the Power and Capability of a Desktop App to the IPhone and iPad [App Review]

OfficeSuite-IconFor those Apple iPhone and iPad Users, OfficeSuite is now updated and available and the news will bring a huge sigh of relief to the ultimate computer package. What is actually out here now is in fact the latest version but it has the power to bring all of the features of a desktop app to the iPhone and iPad; which is something that has never been achieved until now.

The tool will allow users to easily view, create, share and edit documents in Word, Excel and PowerPoint and convert them from (or to) PDF files. Reviews are flooding in from users claiming that this is the best word processing app on the market by far.

In fact, you can email, rename files and store them while still maintaining the format. So what are the features which sets Office Suite apart from a number of other editors?

  • Office Suite is particularly fast and easy to use
  • The desktop user interface will be familiar in its look and design
  • You are not locked in to some Cloud storage program – Office Suite covers them all; iCloud, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • There is nothing complex about the synchronization to the Cloud. Simply save the document and it will automatically save to your cloud service you tell it to.
  • It has a full editing system for documents produced on Microsoft Word, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Viewing Adobe PDF documents? Easy, this will handle them with consummate ease.
  • Easy viewing AND editing of RTF and CSV file formats as well as supporting ALL Microsoft Office file formats.
  • Support is offered for any printing services you may require.
  • Can’t spell to save your life? Auto-correct feature corrects any typing errors by understanding the misspelled word you mean to type.

If you are using Word documents, there is advanced formatting which can be applied effortlessly; so altering and adapting different font styles, bulleting and numbering lists, adding tables, spreadsheets and images can all be applied just as you would in the Microsoft Office package.

Word document users will also be able to search and replace as a tool for performing large-scale editing. You can also conveniently zoom in (or out) on each page.

Office Suite spreadsheet users can utilise and support all files of the formats ending .xlx, .xlsx and .csv.

(4.5 / 5)

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