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I’ve owned 5 iPads since they hit the market back in April 2010. After purchasing the first iPad mini I started enjoying these devices without a case on a semi-regular basis. The only problem was there weren’t a lot of great options. If you’re like me, NueVue has exactly what you’re looking for in an iPad case.

NueVue iPad Cases

The first thought that comes to mind when I look at my NueVue cotton twill case is it’s very stylish, almost sort hipster-ish. Material looks and feels durable while being very soft to the touch. The leather strap at the top, which securely holds your iPad inside, compliments the look very well.

Stitching on the NueVue iPad case is very nice. For the first time in a while I can actually say I’m a fan of contrast stitching. The only thing I can think of as to why I like this feature on an iPad case is because the case is larger and it isn’t the only thing grabbing your attention. Without the contrast stitching the NueVue iPad case would look a lot different and not quite as eye-catching.


Device Protection

We recently reviewed the NueVue iPhone case and found their approach to device protection to be twofold. The iPad case offers the same approach.

The NueVue case I’m enjoying is cotton twill, faux leather and canvas material is available too, and does a great job protecting the front and back of my iPad Air 2. There isn’t any extra padding between the outer layer and the antimicrobial microfiber lining on the inside of the case. This doesn’t impact protection at all since it does feel soft without it, which helps keep the whole feel of case and iPad together very slim.

One thing to note about the iPad case is the leather strap at the top. It snaps to secure your device inside the sleeve. To avoid scratching the front of my iPad make sure the back of the device is facing the button on the strap.

The interior of the NueVue iPad case features a microfiber lining which provides continuous antimicrobial protection. This protection is available for the life of the product. Their iPhone cases feature the same antimicrobial lining. This lining allows you to clean your iPad each and every time you use the case.

NueVue Cleaning Capabilities

In order to clean your iPad all you have to do is apply pressure to the upper part of the case while removing the device. The top portion of your iPad may still have fingerprints after removing. Simply flip your iPad around and run the top part of through the case again. This cleans it up real nice.

As I mentioned before, this case features a microfiber lining to help keep your device clean and free of bacteria. Studies show 30 percent of the bacteria found on our mobile devices end up on our hands. Using a NueVue case is more effective at removing the bacteria on your iOS device than any shirtsleeve or a cleaning cloth.

The microfiber lining used in every NueVue case features BioCote. This antimicrobial technology gives you continuos antimicrobial protection for the life of the product and will not wash away or wear off. BioCote has been proven to reduce up to 99.9 percent of the microbes found on the surface of your device in just 2 hours.

This protection gives me great peace-of-mind since my daughter has started using my iPad more. Knowing NueVue can help us prevent sharing germs during the upcoming cold and flu season is a great perk to having this stylish case.

NueVue iPad Case Features

  • Quality Faux Leather, Cotton Twill and Canvas are used in the making of our handcrafted, elegant cases.
  • Without adding a hint of bulk, our patented microfiber technology lining protects your iPad from scratches, cleans the screen and keeps you safe from germs – forever.
  • The lining also wipes away unsightly marks that can cause CVS – eye-strain, fatigue and headaches – with every swipe – Genius!!
  • Easy to use ejection fastener helps to remove your device safely after every use, and gives an added feeling of protection when carrying it in your case.
  • An anti-static effect within the microfiber also averts electrical charges that can cause damage to your iPad without you knowing.


NueVue Case Convenience

If you read my review of the NueVue iPhone case you discovered how I like to enjoy my iPhone; naked (you read that right). The same applies to my iPad.

With the NueVue iPad case, I’m able to keep the tradition going with this iOS device too. While I’m interacting with my iPad I can enjoy how slim, sleek, and smooth the device feels.

When I’m all done playing around, I mean doing work, I can rest easy knowing the NueVuecase will protect and clean my device. Drop protection is fairly sound with the top of the case leaving your iPad vulnerable to damage with this opening. The strap holds your iPad in tightly, but a direct hit on the top of the case could result in damage.

Great iPad Travel Case

This is my new favorite case for traveling. I like to catch up on reading while on vacation. The NueVue case is perfect for me when I travel by plane, and here’s why.

When I go on vacation I jam one bag full of all my tech gear. Once on the plane I always dig for my iPad and throw it in the seat pocket in front of me. I never have to worry about my iPad getting scratched or banged up with the superior protection this case provides.

Once approved devices are safe to use, I slide my iPad out of the case and get some reading done. Again, my favorite way to enjoy my iOS devices is naked and NueVue cases let me do just that without have to worry about damaging any molded cases from constantly putting them in and taking them out.

The great thing about the cotton twill material is it lets me easily slide my iPad right back into my bag when it’s time to leave so I don’t slow anyone down.

A bonus is the antimicrobial feature will clean my device while we make our way to our final destination so all the germs I transferred while flying are gone. This helps ensure I don’t get sick while on vacation.

NueVue Cost

iPad Cases

  • Faux Leather $54
  • Cotton Twill $54
  • Canvas $48

iPad Mini Cases

  • Cotton Twill $48
  • Canvas $40

Final Thoughts

The moment I used the NueVue iPad case I knew it was the perfect for me. It protects and cleans my iPad perfectly while also being stylish. The NueVue cotton twill case feels very durable and the antimicrobial lining will help our family cut down on spreading germs since we share this device.

The contrast stitching is great and compliments the overall look and feel of the case.

The NueVue iPad case feels tough and durable. This case is built to stand the test of time.

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