New Trailer for the Dark Math Puzzler ‘Divide By Sheep’ [News]

tinyBuild and Bread Team have been working hard at bringing you a new puzzle solving game that’ll have you counting sheep like never before. With continuing coverage of Divide By Sheep, we’re pleased to share with you the latest trailer for this difficult and dark humored game.

The back story on Divide By Sheep is the Grim Reapaer’s had a devious plan to make some sheepy friends. Since he can only make friends with those that are six feet under, he unleashed a great flood to drag his “friends” under.

Those sheep struggling to keep their heads above water aren’t looking to make any new friends and need your help. It’s up to you to guide them to life rafts awaiting their departure. You must pay attention to the capacity each raft can support so you don’t drowned them.Divide-By-Sheep-iPhone-6-Screenshot@2x

There are numerous obstacles and surprises you and the sheep will face. There are wolves, pigs, barbed wire fences, and laser beams that’ll slice them in half, just to name a few. It’s up to you to solve the math puzzle through addition and subtraction in order to safely guide them to waiting life rafts.

Not only must you pay attention to the amount each raft holds, there are some life rafts looking for occupants other than sheep. Pay close attention to which occupants are allowed on the raft before you start moving your new friends to different islands which only hold limited occupants. This will only cause you more work or reseting a level.

Currently Divide By Sheep has 120 mind bending puzzles which are spread across 4 different worlds.

Divide By Sheep is still in beta testing and we’ve had our hands on it for a little over a month now and it’s spectacular and quite challenging. Just when we thought we had a level figured out, Divide By Sheep tricked us again and it was back to the drawing board.

tinyBuild and Bread Team are on-track for a summer 2015 release in the iOS App Store for this math puzzler which goes from cute to disturbing very quickly. If you enjoy counting sheep to fall asleep, it won’t be long till you’re adding, subtracting, and cutting them in half at bedtime thanks to the addictiveness of Divide By Sheep—sweet dreams!

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