New Special Event Cards in the Game of Dice Update [News]

game of dice, game of dice app iconGame of Dice has been updated right in time for Christmas with an extensive update that enhances most areas of the game.

There’s a new luxury shop which lets you purchase unique special event skill cards by using luxury points. These are a new form of currency which you can earn by drawing and combining cards.

There are also a bunch of new regular skill cards in the game and you can upgrade them all, old and new, using the new hologram sticker system.

Speaking of upgrades, VIP dice can be enhanced to six stars which unlocks four new abilities to use when playing.

There’s also a new crafting system which lets you create your own everything in game including skill cards, characters, and even Gems. Head on over to the crafting menu to check it out.

If you have a guild you’ll be pleased to read about the new Guild Match mode. Here you can challenge an opposing guild to a game every weekend and earn extra rewards and climb the guild rankings for a win.

Game of Dice, game of dice app, game of dice updateYou may have also noticed that it’s Christmas. Joycity did too and has decorated the board with festive cheer and released a new emoticon.

Game of Dice is a mobile board game inspired by Monopoly that challenges you to make your way around a board taking property and bankrupting your opponents.

There are a bunch of different characters and dice which offer unique abilities, as well as 65 skill cards to use to turn the tide of a game.

It’s been a success since launching back in October, and has hit the Top 5 spot on Google Play in Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan, as well as achieved over four million global downloads.

You can check it out for yourself by heading on over to the App Store and Google Play.

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