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talk and translateI believe anthropologist Gregory Bateson was correct when he said, “Language commonly stresses only one side of any interaction.” If you’ve ever been on the stressful side of the interaction, you know exactly what he’s talking about. Thankfully technology advances have given us the ability to communicate more effectively while reducing stress.

MobiSystems, makers of many mobile productivity and business applications, just released a new reference application in the App Store called Talk and Translate which looks to reduce the stress of communicating amongst different languages. This application allows you to translate 33 different languages while delivering a great user experience for everyone involved in the conversation.

User Interface

One of the great things about Talk and Translate is the user interface. It looks and feels as though you’re texting back and forth amongst one of your contacts. While reviewing it, I kept thinking I was in one of my many iMessage conversations rather than an application.

iPhone_Translator (1)-2Although Talk and Translate itself doesn’t seem to have much depth given the few screens available for you to navigate through, the amount of depth you’re able to add to a conversation is endless.

Language Selection

As I mentioned earlier there are 33 languages you can translate and interact with in Talk and Translate. Another great feature I like is how Talk and Translate keeps track of those languages you’ve recently selected. Having these languages quickly selectable helps you speed up the communication process. This seems like a minor thing to brag about, but when it comes to effective communication it needs to be fast and accurate. Talk and Translate delivers on both.

Voice and Speech Translation

Talk and Translate gives users a great way to interact with one another. Utilizing voice-to-voice translation, Talk and Translate listens to the native language and then translates it to the language you’ve selected. This is a great way to let others speak into your device to communicate rather than having them type out a response on the keyboard.

Text-to-speech is also used on Talk and Translate for instant translation and dictation of any text users enter. This is an absolutely wonderful feature to have, but I do wish there was a way to adjust the speech speed. Sometimes users are trying to learn how to say words or phrases in other languages and adjusting the speed allows them to pick up on nuances found in different languages.

Using Talk and Translate Abroad

Since Talk and Translate requires an internet connection, you’ll need to check with your service provider to see if the data package you currently have on your account includes the areas you’re traveling to. In most cases, when traveling out of country you’ll need to add international data roaming or an international data package to your account.

These services can be pricey. It might be a good idea to a bit of research on what your hotel provides in the way of WiFi services. If they do provide WiFi, once you arrive it’s a good idea to connect to their network and check what businesses around your location, or those you’ll be visiting, have free public WiFi talk and translateconnections you can use. While out exploring you can stop off at these locations, connect to their network and use Talk and Translate to communicate with others if you haven’t found answers to any questions you might have on any given day.

This will save you money while on vacation but still allows you to get answers to your questions. The locals will be pleased you’re trying to communicate with them in their language rather than assuming everyone speaks English.

Sharing Options

Conversations in Talk and Translate are sharable too. Share conversations via text, email, TwitterFacebook, or add them to the native Notes app or Evernote. More sharing options are available to other apps. In order to take advantage of more options, users must select the More option from the share menu within Talk and Translate.

Totally Free Experience

Something you don’t see these days are free apps with an ad free interface. Talk and Translate is an App Store unicorn since it lets you talk and translate away without any ad distractions. This allows you to keep the conversation going without having to wait for ads to go away or paying any fees. Communication is quick and seamless and unlimited with Talk and Translate. The only thing you need is an active internet connection.

iPad Users

Talk and Translate is available on iPad and can be used in Split View mode. This means you can translate conversations or draft an email in another language without having to jump between applications. Just another example of how MobiSystems is trying to breakdown barriers when it comes to communication.

iPad_Translator (5)

You can download Talk and Translate in the App Store for free for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Like we mentioned before there are no ads and you get unlimited use. Check it out and strike up a conversation in a different language today!

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