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Oh no, where did I park? This isn’t something that happens to me very often, but there are times when I forget where I parked. It usually happens when we go on a long vacation and our car sits in long-term airport parking or when we’re Christmas shopping at an overpacked mall here in the Chicagoland area; I’m talking about you Woodfield Mall.

What seems like the most basic thing to remember is something we’ve all done at least once or twice, with others forgetting more frequently. There’s never an opportune time to forget where you parked, but doesn’t it always happen on the worst day? Your flight home was delayed and you’re so glad to finally get in your car and drive home or it’s freezing cold out and snowing and you’re carrying a crying baby along with gifts for everyone on Santa’s nice list. Well, there’s something available to alleviate the anger and embarrassment of misplacing your car and it’s called ZUS from nonda.

What is ZUS?

ZUSZUS is a smart car finder and super charger for your smartphone and tablets. Through the use of Bluetooth technology it connects to your device and when your car is turned off you receive a notification from ZUS which lets you know the location of your car has been saved. Now when you leave simply open the ZUS app where you’re able to follow the arrow and distance indicators to locate your car. Distance is given in feet or meters depending upon how you adjust personal in-app settings.

If you would rather view your cars location on a map instead of following the arrow simply tap the arrows at the bottom of the application window to reveal your cars location on a map. You’re able to view where your car is parked and how many feet away it is from your current location in this view as well. Position orientation is also shown on the map so you’re able to determine if you’re traveling in the right direction. Distance to your car is shown at the bottom of the map for reference.

The ZUS app is extremely easy to use and with such few settings it’s very easy to adjust everything to your liking quickly. If I’m being honest, I like the map view a little better than the regular follow the arrow directions. This is probably due to the fact that I like seeing a overview map when it comes to directions. It’s more familiar to me since this is how directions are presented on the iPhone.

ZUS Smart Charging

Aside from being able to find your car much easier, ZUS lets you charge your devices 2x faster than traditional car chargers. Larger more power hungry devices require bigger batteries. When you need to charge your device, you want it to be done as quick as possible. ZUS comes equipped with a smart chip which allows you to charge your device faster than most car chargers on the market.

How much faster? With two charge ports available on ZUS you’re able to fully charge two iPhone 6s models in just 2 hours. Most other car chargers will take as much as 3-4 hours. This means ZUS cuts charging time in half.ZUS

Even more impressive is how fast ZUS will charge your iPad. In roughly 3 hours and 45 mintues you can charge two iPads Air 2’s or Two iPad Mini’s. Compare these charging times to 8 hours on average for other charges on the market and you’re way ahead of the competition with ZUS!

Does ZUS Actually Work?

Absolutely! Pairing ZUS to my iPhone was unbelievably easy. To be honest, it has to be one of the easiest devices I’ve ever paired to any iOS device I’ve owned. Plug it into your car, turn your car on, unlock your iPhone, open the app and viola, you’re done; now go and try to lose your car.

Charging is a godsend! My iPhone was down to 42 percent battery life after I forgot to charge it overnight one day this past weekend. I knew we had a 20 minute drive ahead of us so I plugged it into ZUS to juice up a little. By the time we arrived at our destination battery life was right at 60 percent.

Typically I don’t charge my iPad in the car, but I did make a point to plug my iPad Air 2 into ZUS over the weekend. Charging my iPad in the car is not as normal of a practice like it is for my iPhone though. Generally speaking, the chargers I’ve used in the car for my iPhone don’t show it’s actually charging my iPad. In most cases, it will simply show “Not Charging” in the upper right corner of the screen. With ZUS I didn’t get this message, only the lightning bolt to indicate it was charging.

Any Issues With ZUS?

For the most part ZUS was impressing my socks off! There were a couple times it saved my location while I was driving and sent me a notification. The funny thing is though, I got these two messages in nearly the exact same spot on different days while driving home. I found it rather odd, but figured it had been jostled around somehow and lost connection for a split second. Otherwise, ZUS was extremely useful and very accurate at helping me find my car.

Smart charging was great and my wife and I have used ZUS numerous times in the car over the past week. Both of us have noticed higher charging percentages than before with the USB port that came equipped in our car. Generally speaking, we both saw roughly 10-15 percent gains in battery life per 10 minutes our iPhones were plugged into ZUS (iPhone 6s & 6s Plus in our household).


ZUS Pros:
  • 2 Charge Ports
  • Great illumination on ZUS makes ports easy to find at night
  • Easy to connect to your device
  • App is very user friendly
  • Fast and smart charging
  • Never worry about forgetting where you parked your car
  • Sleek design with titanium exterior
  • Avoid a parking ticket by setting a timer in the ZUS app
  • ZUS will even send notifications to your Apple Watch when your location is saved or when your timer runs out
  • Withstands temperatures up to 100°C (212°F)
ZUS Cons:
  • Plugging into both charge ports in tight console spaces can be tricky
  • Requires location services to operate in the background which uses more battery life
  • If parked in a parking garage, ZUS doesn’t give how far above or below your car is from your current location


Overall Thoughts on ZUS

I’ve been using ZUS for roughly a week now and I’m a huge fan. Just the smart charging alone is great to have for daily use, then throw in the location services and it’s phenomenal. Granted the show piece here is  the car locating service, but you’re going to use the charging ports 1000 percent more than you will the car locator. My wife and I are always pleading our case for who needs to charge their phone more while driving and now with the two charging ports on ZUS we can put this issue to bed.

Normally ZUS sells for $49, but currently they’re on sale for only $29, which is a steal in our book at 40 percent off. You get a car locator and smart charger for almost half the normal price. When you buy more than one you’ll get even deeper discounts. Receive 45 percent off two and 50 percent off when you buy five.

If you have any questions about ZUS please use the comments section below. We’re hoping to establish a partnership with nonda to bring you more product reviews in the very near future, so stay tuned. It should be an exciting summer!

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