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Pocket Earth Pro Allows You to Never Get Lost Again [App Review]

679745_largerThere is no shortage of map applications; there are Google Maps, Apple Maps and Here Maps. But what if you’re trying to use your map in a weak signal area? You need a powerful map application that allows you to save maps for offline use. Say hello to Pocket Earth Pro by GEOMAGIK. Pocket Earth Pro perfectly blends the simple easy view of other map applications with Wikipedia and ordinance survey information which provides you with clear informative and detailed views of what you are looking at.

When launching Pocket Earth Pro it’s easy to get scared. The app throws a lot of information at you, but after a short amount of time poking around its easy to find your way around.

The key selling point for Pocket Earth Pro is the ability to store offline maps from anywhere in the world. By pressing the menu button and then selecting a country, you can download the map for that entire country, city, or even a district. This is helpful if you are travelling to Paris for a weekend. Being able to save the maps for Paris will make finding your away around much easier whilst your there and allows you to save money on international data charges.
onePocket Earth Pro also adds Geotagged Wikipedia pages which essentially shows you points of interest nearby as well as cafes, pay phones, police stations, transport links and much more.two

There is however a lot more packed up its sleeve. Pocket Earth Pro can also be used to set walking or driving routes, track your location and even plan and save a route for offline use later. It’s transport and travel section shows which trains routes are available on train lines as well as a wide variety of travel guides for all over the world.

There is a small in-app purchase for Pocket Earth Pro which unlocks topographical maps. This adds a topographical overlay to your maps showing you the contours and height of the terrain. If you’re a hiker this is a must have in-app purchase. Pocket Earth Pro can be downloaded here.

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