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Never Forget to Pack Something Again with This App [App Review]

Packing Pro Icon, Packing Pro, app reviewTraveling is awesome! I’m not a fan of the planning process though. This might sound strange since you have to plan a trip before you leave. When it comes to traveling for our family though, my wife is the travel planning expert as well as our guide. I get the best of both worlds, the vacation without any planning. I do pack my own bags before we go and it seems I always forget at least one thing. Once again, I’ve put my iOS devices to work in order to help me remain error free before leaving on vacation.

As vacation approaches so does the day you must get everything ready for the trip. We’ve all forgot to bring something on at least one trip, so I know you’re familiar with how extremely frustrating it can be. Packing for a trip has never been one of my strengths and with greater responsibilities as an adult comes more things to take care of before we leave: turn off the hot water heater, shut off water to certain sinks, adjust the thermostat, schedule boarding for our dog, etc., as well as preparing a suitcase for myself. Packing Pro allows me to setup packing lists in order to ensure getting everything ready for vacation goes smoothly.

There are numerous items in Packing Pro for you to add to your list. I’ve found jotting a few notes down before I start making my list in the app helps tremendously. For example, if I know I plan on taking a certain number of outfits, I make sure to write down how many pants, jeans, or dress pants are include in them. This way when I’m creating my lists, I have notes to refer to so I get everything correct.Packing Pro Screenshot, Packing Pro, app review

It may sound like writing some items down before interacting with Packing Pro negates the need for the app. It’s a valid point, but I don’t complete everything on my list all at the same time. Now with everything on my iPhone or iPad, I can simply refer to the list I’ve created in Packing Pro when I’m tackling items needing attention. My iOS devices are always by my side and are easy to refer to, whereas finding the sheet of paper I would write everything down on could be anywhere—most likely in the trash. It’s so easy to find my list when it’s right on the devices I interact with throughout the day.

Once I’ve packed an item or completed a task, I simply check it off my list. Now I have a visual reminder of what I’ve completed as well as what still needs to get done.

Sometimes a task or item you need to complete requires more information. Quickly add notes to any and all tasks or items. For example, I turn off the water to our kitchen sink so our cats don’t accidentally knock the handle when climbing into the window sill. Packing Pro doesn’t have an exact description matching this action so I simply select “turn off water supply” and add to the notes “kitchen sink supply lines”. This helps me avoid any confusion when I’m scrambling around the day we leave getting the house ready for our departure.

Vacations are always more fun than getting ready for them. I’ve discovered as our family has started expanding our list of items we must pack or accomplish before leaving is growing at fever pitch. It’s becoming easier to forget something as simple as packing clean underwear. The last thing you want to do while you’re out having fun is go shopping for something you left at home or calling a neighbor to go check to see if you turned off the gas to your house. Packing Pro allows me quickly and easily prepare for a vacation and puts my mind at ease knowing everything will make it with us on our next trip. Where are going—that’s up to my wife the vacation expert!!


  • Create unlimited, 100% user-customizable packing lists
  • Build lists quickly & easily with multi-item selection
  • Multi-edit your lists however you wish (add, delete, rename or reorder any category or item)
  • Discover new ideas & suggestions from included sample lists
  • Use any list (sample or your own) as a template for future lists
  • Monitor a running tally of total items per category & how many of them are checked off
  • Collapse categories for less scrolling & better management
  • Sort items by type or item, or by hand yourself
  • Show only items that are packed or unpacked, or show them all
  • Filter items based on person and/or bag
  • Edit item details (number, weight, value, person, bag & notes)
  • Add images, alerts, priorities and need-to-buy to list items
  • Total your list items, weights & values, by bag, by person & by category
  • See remaining items as badges on home page & app icon
  • Print your list directly to a printer with 1, 2 or 3 columns
  • Email your packing lists to family & friends

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5) You’ll forget you ever worried about leaving something at home!

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