My Quest for the Elusive iPad Mini Case

When I purchased the updated iPad mini w/Retina, I knew I was in for a treat. What I didn’t realize is how often I would be treating myself to new cases. Originally I thought my previous case would fit perfectly, but quickly realized the tighter squeeze was less forgiving. A gentle drop on the table before I headed out for work one day resulted in a cracked corner. Previously, this case had dealt with numerous out of town trips and a couple drops like a champ. I’ve sifted through Amazon, where I always buy my cases, to find a perfect match. Well, this is the third case I’ve ordered for my iPad mini and this time I decided to do a review on my most recent purchase. So is “third time a charm” for my quest to find a new case, keep reading to find out.

After a lot of searching on Amazon, and going through 3 other cases, I decided I wanted to get something similar to the Apple Smart Case without spending as much money. At least this way if I broke the back piece, I would have a front cover to protect the screen while I waited on a replacement to arrive. This is where I tripped onto the Besdata Ultra Thin Magnetic Smart Cover & Clear Back Case. When I purchased this case, it was priced under $17 and offered free shipping. It arrived in about a week and I was a bit skeptical of its sturdiness right out of the bags. The magnetic cover felt all right, but the back cover seemed cheap and slippery to the touch.

Once I got my iPad mini in the case, I felt I had made a mistake. As I stated above, the back case felt extremely slippery to the touch. I was quickly losing confidence in finding a new case for my most coveted device in the house. It wasn’t till I put the iPad down on the table that I noticed something. The coating on the back case seemed to grip the surface when I put it down. What felt slick to the touch was actually “grippy” in the right situations. The only thing I can think of is the case is meant to have a different feel to it, but it serves a purpose. I haven’t noticed the iPad trying to slip from my hands like I had thought would happen.

The magnetic cover is great and adds great functionality. Much like the cover Apple sells, you’re able to prop up your device two different ways. Stand it up to watch a movie or prop it up a little bit to make typing on the keyboard easier. I will admit, it takes a bit of breaking-in to make the cover stay in place, but once you get it limbered up, it works great.

There are 9 different colors to choose from and different color options can raise or lower the price. The price I paid is actually more expensive than what they are being sold for as I write this. Overall ratings on Amazon for this product is at 4 out of 5 stars with over 1000 reviews.

Overall- So far I am happy with this case and I feel like I am going to get some extended use out of this one. The magnetic smart cover definitely feels more durable than the thin plastic covering that goes on the back of the iPad mini. 


  • Magnetic cover allows you wake the iPad mini and put it to sleep.
  • Cover is able to prop up your iPad mini in 2 different positions. 
  • Coating or plastic used on the back cover seems to grip surfaces reducing its ability to slide. 
  • Cover can be used with our without the back cover. 
  • Comes with a screen protector and micro fiber cloth for cleaning. 


  • Back cover seems flimsy and cheap, not sure if it will survive a drop higher than 12 inches. 
  • Coating on back feels slippery and doesn’t instill confidence that you’ll be able to hold onto it when your iPad mini starts to slip from your hands. 
  • Stylus pin provided is extremely useless. I had to press very hard on the screen to get it to interact or select anything on my iPad mini. 

Score: 8/10

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