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weatherbug_iconWhat apps have you had on your iOS device since day one? More specifically, these apps are the ones you interact with each and every day. FacebookTwitterInstagram, and any other social media apps fall into this category for most of us. Can you think of any others you rely on daily, I know I can! WeatherBug is my absolute go to application for weather and it never lets me down.

How I Use WeatherBug

I rely on weather forecasting both personally and professionally. As an air traffic controller in Chicago, I check the weather multiple times a day. WeatherBug has a powerful weather network which gives me fast real-time alerts and accurate forecast information. Every day before leaving for work I check WeatherBug to see just how great or long a shift will be. On my days off I still check in with this reliable weather app to decide how to plan our family time on the weekend.

WeatherBug Details

weatherbugThere are three places in the WeatherBug app I visit regularly. The Details tab during the summer is where I visit to read about allergy information for the day. This information gives me a good idea about how much time I should be spending outside as well as remind me about getting a refill on my allergy medication. Details also gives you UV information as well as sunrise and sunset times for the day, which is great if you plan on getting good photos during the golden hours of the day. Another important piece of information included on the Details tab is temperature information. My wife and I differ on what is a “comfortable” temperature, but with the “Feels Like” temperature we’re both able to plan our outfit accordingly.

WeatherBug Hourly Information

Next up is the Hourly tab. This tab is most important on those days I work. Here is where I am able to discover which part of my 8 hour shift is going to be the most stressful. There are days when I check the hourly forecast and discover there will be weather all around the Chicago area and accept the fact that today will be a long one. One my days off though, the Hourly tab is equally important. With a two year old, it’s important to get some time outside if the weather’s nice or someone gets stir crazy. Checking out Hourly information allows us to get a good idea if and when we can get outside to play.

WeatherBug Forecast

weatherbugFinally, the last place I visit is dependent upon the weather forecast. This area is the radar. With 19 different layers to choose from, you’re not in the dark about anything rolling into your neighborhood. Generally I stick with the basic radar information since I just want to see how things are moving into the area. Lightning information and alerts is another filter I’ll use when severe weather is moving through the area. For the most part I use the basic radar information and it gives me everything I need to know.

There are 18 different layers you can view on the radar map. One filter, Storm Tracker, you’ll need to create an account to use. Otherwise all other filters are selectable without requiring an account.

Interact More With WeatherBug

If you want to spend more time in WeatherBug you can check out the photos other users share in the application. Submit your own too and show others what’s going on around you. There are also webcams available for you to view weather as it’s happening.

There’s also Weather News to scroll through and where you can catch up on what’s happening nationally. Right now trending stories are regarding hurricane Matthew.

WeatherBug & Smart Thermostats

Although my ecobee3 isn’t compatible with the new WeatherBug Home Connect, there are other thermostats you can connect. For example, Nest users are able to connect their device to get personalized cost estimates based on your actual HVAC data. You will need to allow WeatherBug access to this data and you’ll be required to setup an account.

WeatherBug’s Apple Watch App

weatherbug, weatherbug apple watchThe WeatherBug app for Apple Watch gives shows the forecast for the next four hours, current alerts, wind, pollen information, and a UV report. Rather than opening the app on my phone, I’m able to get detailed information right from my watch. It doesn’t give as much information as I’m used to seeing on my iPhone, but it’s a great way to get a quick snapshot of what’s going on during throughout the day. If you’re on iOS 3, make sure to keep WeatherBug in the dock so the information is updated and ready for you to view.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an accurate and dependable weather application, your search in the App Store will begin and end with WeatherBug. This application has been on my iPhone ever since getting my very first iPhone, which was an iPhone 3G. Although I’ve downloaded and experimented with other weather apps, I always come back to WeatherBug.

The only complaint I have about WeatherBug is the previous version I paid for doesn’t seem to be receiving updates any longer. Instead I had to switch back to the free version where you’re able to remove ads for $2.99 a year. Other than that it’s hands down the best free weather app you can download in the App Store in my opinion. Android users can download WeatherBug for free too, but I can’t speak to how it functions on this platform, which I would imagine would be fairly similar.

Download it today and stay up to date with what’s going on in your area.

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