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movieshopIt’s easy to say playing around with Movie was fun, but we still feel that filtering around with such manipulative features is best performed ona larger screen, rather than a mobile device. But for those who just want to create a little bit of video heaven from their smartphone devices, then this pretty much can achieve all you might want or need. MovieShop is clever in that it will transform your standard video clip into something a lot more visually spectacular and professional looking. MovieShop actually allows you to do pretty much everything you ever wanted with a video clip.

Thinking about slowing down the speed of your clip? Check. Thinking about adding some funky sounds right from your iPod music library? Check. And adding some text overlay to introduce key points within your video? Yes, it’s all here.

We cannot work out what the best thing to with our video clips – business or fun. But doing both is probably the best way forward. Business and training videos can be shopped to produce text, add in noise clips, fade in the audio or place in voice overs. Fun and humorous videos can be edited using the speeded up tool, merging of another video, audio looping or background padding with weird filters.

We were stunned at the amount of different things available to do in MovieShop and we would say it is an editing tool for the more serious video magician. The basic features are, on their own, impressive. The pro features make this like the very kind of editing tool amateur film makers, television studio editors and production teams have always dreamed of owning. And to think, you can now do stuff like insert video effects and sub filtering on a level that only professionals have had access to in the past.

MovieShop is well laid out and not too cluttered, even on a small device like the iPhone but you may find the more complex filtering and editing tools easier to do on a larger screen. At present, the vast amount of pro features are available for free (or within the small price of the app’s payment) but it is understood it may not be free for much longer. The extra pro feature tools really are worth getting if you are a serious video clip editor and are using for business or serious vlog sharing.

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